Without humans, there would not be any human diseases and in cancer spreading world, I am not really sure what men have tackled, not to speak about an encyclopedia of other diseases. Secondly, if reality is to be created it is not reality at all. Finally, evolution did not allow us anything, we are the evolution and continuously evolving, such as all the creatures on this planet and any other form of life in space. Anyway, all that “superiority” that human is so proud of, and hiding behind it, will sooner or later find its end. There won't be any memories, no Jesus Christ, Buddha, Adolf Hitler, Alfred Nobel, Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, not even a thought. When that happens, it will all start again! Superiority is a fantasy made out of letters and forms a word, which is a lie.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!