Whoever you are, you should stop worrying about what others think about that. Binding yourself in any way will originate fear and/or hatred toward yourself and while we worry about the other people’s opinion, whether being close friends, relatives or total strangers, there is a great possibility of not fulfilling our potential.

Whoever we are, the eternal subjects of change, development, and evolution, in the certain phases of life we do not have to be tied for the same people, especially for those who will condemn us because of the changes we are going through. The ones who condemn others have a lot to ask themselves.

If you become a murderer, you will find yourself among murderers.

If you become a sexual delinquent, you will find yourself among the same kind.

If you become a clown, you will find yourself among clowns.

If you become a deity, you will find yourself among deity.

All of our choices are the choices of our own and everything is reduced to constraints, which finally we have forced upon ourselves and blame or condemn others because of it.

Of course, that being a murderer is a great fault in the idea of life, but one should ask himself if he is a murderer. While we are taking from nature as much as we want, do we give anything and willingly back to it? Do you allow an ordinary mosquito to drink from your body, to use your blood for its energy to reproduce or you just kill it, not allowing even that? What leads us to such selfishness, even to what we owe everything? Why do we deny nature of our bodies and even to the limits of illness, when our bodies will inevitably return to it and decay to the bare elements they were built from? Why do we carry so much fear, so much ignorance, so much resistance?

For a deluded mind it takes a lot of will, strength and energy to accept the simplicity of existence, which as the only truth brings the greatest reward and that reward is blithe. When all the fears are gone, all boundaries and all the loads, what remains is you! “You” the immortal energy of existence, the roots of our immaterial being, the network and communion of equality.

What did made humans become as what they are now and why did they except it is hard to explain? I am sure that many will disagree, but the truth of what have we become is weak, embittered, diseased, deluded, infatuated, seduced. Unstable in general and there is a lot of hatred behind it. When it comes to the earthly matter or material existence the truth is that human gives himself a lot of credit while placing the epithet “wise”, which maybe was the truth 200000 years from now, but more suitable epithets for the modern human would in a range from timid to sickly.

So ask yourself while decorticating all the layers of false and social fantasies, ask yourself a simple question “Who am I?” And pay close attention to what you will feel when the true answer appears in your conscience.

Whenever we are changing it is of utmost importance that we change because of our own cognition and not because someone said so. If the change is not our own and personal, it cannot be true. However, cognition can be encouraged, but the truth cannot be fully explained with words. Words are also the part of the material world and have the limited capability of materializing the truth to this world as being such they will never be able to fully describe any of the basic feelings let alone the essence of life. It is very important to avoid the philosophical vortex of confusion as the essence of life is something that is true and not to be questioned. Questioning life can have very negative side effects, even resulting in death.

All the inner changes we are going through are very much visible on our bodies and the slightest change in our cognition or distortion will result with a change on our physical bodies. Neglecting the truth, false stances, self-deception is the cause of all the sickness, from minor to the lethal diseases, such as cancer. Life in a society of completely distorted standards results in the occurrence of discord in a body to soul relation, the birth of the deceit we are living with, the anti-life!

Taking the overwhelming statistical numbers under consideration, not even the useless wars are necessary as the whole collective started to decay and decaying is all that the “wise” one has done, while thinking of magnificence and saying to be the God alike creatures the greatest lie and deceit has been spoken which continues till present, the lie of salvation.

These words are not written only by me, Andreas, the father of two, a husband, a son, a brother, these words are written by the life within me and are a gift to everyone as they do not represent something of my own, something that is mine to keep. I am just a tentacle of life, like all the others that are now, that were and that will be.

Do not negate life, do not negate yourself, do not negate life which is next to you. Black, white, yellow, red, orange, dog, cactus, elk, lion, we are all one and are created by one!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!