When I consider the idea of identity it leaves me in the space of uncertainty, as identity and claiming to have one could be very misleading, deceptive and insincere, while on the other hand, it could be the complete opposite.

Every person, in a different society, builds up his/her personal identity to present it within that society and if successful it will become their social identity, however, if not successful the social identity which was created as opinion of other individuals or even the whole community can shape and determine the personal identity as something completely different from the identity an individual created and presented in the first place.

Identities within a society are not fixed, especially if their presentation and acceptance are necessary and the question of multiple identities, which are quite possible and frequent, brings the question about the value of fixed identities, especially within moral values that restrict you as an individual.

There are many examples we may use to refer to this question. Even examples may be accepted by a reader presumed identity so here is the couple of them:

  • A religious person, a frequent attendee to church at one point and an S&M practitioner on other occasions
  • A child presented as well behaved, educated at home and school while using heroin, alcohol or some other substances on the other occasion
  • A so-called honest and carrying husband which has multiple intercourses as often as possible
  • A person who presents himself as a valuable member of society, to be found hiding and drinking hard liquor in the shed
  • A priest who preaches “normality” to be accused of sexual intercourses with children
  • The leader of a country who propagates collectiveness and then arms people and send them to destroy other communities
  • A very nice and polite individual who was found on the armed rampage
  • A “happy”, most “admirable” wife and mother, stuffing herself with different anti-depressives

The list can go on and on, depicting every single person and pointing out the flaws in their identity and how deceitful or even harmful can it be to hold on to the fixed identity or even believing in the identity that your current society has determined for an individual.

The effect of so-called identities have a great impact on what we consider to be personal freedoms and most of our personal freedoms may be something that would not be publicly accepted in society, especially in terms of “good behavior” or other norms that society through history and its restrictions have brought on every individual.

I remember one friend, who was consuming Heroin for a while, saying to me after a brief talk: “I know that it is not good for me, but I like it, it is something of my own and I do it because I choose to do it, and whoever has a problem with it, with me, well, I am not inviting them to stick around.”

The discussion about the suicidal drive, the death wish or what every we may call it is a different issue here, however, a person has a right in terms what he or she will do with their lives and even in the terms of ending it. The difference between suicides which are quick (e.g., hanging, cutting wrists, overdosing, jumping from the bridge, etc.) and the ones which are slow (e.g., alcoholism, drug addictions, stressing out, etc.) have the same end eventually, however, in all the destruction what human is doing to others and to himself, there will be that preserving drive. People will kill people on one end, but on the other, a CPR will be attempted.

Think carefully about identities, especially if they are opposed and conflicting, many personal freedoms are lost in that way.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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