I dedicate this one to beauty and all that beauty is can be found in nature.

I would love if no humans or human influence would be present, however, then I wouldn't be walking this way and I would neglect the fact that humans, even if fighting so hard to be excluded from it, still are a part of it.

I woke up today at 06:00 am and already around 07:00 am I started my climb from the Satnicko Meadow to reach the highest peak around Hreljin, Tuhobic.

Even though it was an early morning, we are experiencing a heat wave in Croatia this week, so even within the forest you could feel the heat and my lovely companion Ares, an 11 year old half-breed between Haski and a Golden Labrador was feeling it, drinking water from rain puddles wherever he found one, even those puddles did look like a clay sculpture show went melting down. However, I did hear that some people are eating that “shit” probably to get their poop in order, so no harm could be made, not to this dog.

The peace and quite of the forest never stops to amaze me and the ease of thoughts, the gentle voices are to be heard most clearly and without any disturbance.

The rock formations, even at this altitude show that once they were the sea bed and not the peaks.

The beautiful landscape of once was and now is!

Building water reserves was always a question of life, as for the sun human did not have to worry much, however, water was always and everywhere an important issue.

And this one will soon celebrate its first century birthday. (The writing above says “Built 1923, renovated 1976”.

I did spent all of my life returning to Hreljin every year, for the last 38 years, but this is the first time that I have decided to climb Tuhobic. And I was surprised to find the monument to Communism which stands there.

Shortly… 1941…on this mountain….partisan camp of the troop Božo Vidas was founded…inextinguishable center of folk uprising for freedom..

It is a shame that communism as an idea fell in the hands of politicians, the sort of man capable of turning flowers and fruits to rot and vomit.

As soon as I came out of the forest, no signs of uprisings, water reserves or any other human intervention was visible. I could just see the ridge which I had to climb to reach the peak.

The beauty and colors of nature in this arid, sun fronted landscape was astonishing and it makes you wander about the sun. To tell you the truth, I have been doing sun gazing for the last 3 months and I still have my sight and vision and my skin, after 4 weeks on the sun doing the skipper service, being “burned” from the sky and from the reflection of the water, inox, gelcoat is better then ever, even though I have decided not to use any sun protection. How in the name of God did people manage to survive without sun lotions for millenniums? You should ask yourself!

Hunters! They are the people that make a lot of effort in this area. And even though sanctimonious people that enjoy buying meat from the safety of the supermarket would say a lot against them, hunters are one of the few that are actually working and cooperating with nature. They do not hunt and kill whatever they see, they have quotas.

Anyway, the child awakened in me, made me climb this watchtower and I could feel how it feels just sitting and waiting…

With this TV, you can not get bored.

The habitat, where I was walking is the habitat of many poisonous spiders, thousand of bees visible on every flower and the most “frightening” of them all Poskok — Vipera ammodytes the most toxic European snake, which makes bears, deer, foxes or wolves quite welcome, but if you enter the forest, the slopes, as a friend a friend you will remain.

And you will get to the ridge through high grass, without a scratch. Even my father told me, what his grandfather told him, never walk without proper shoes, high socks and tick pants.

I did fail to follow that advice.

The peace….

The stillness…

The nature…

The wind….


Life is what can be felt.

There was the voice saying to me that I do not have to reach the top. And the truth is that I wont be the victor, I wont be the first, not the last, however I have decided to climb it as someone of no importance, as a person not effected by ego, of the joke, of the lie, and while I was climbing I was thinking about people wasting their lives to be better than others and how much must it hurts when you see your Olympic, a “God” alike body to decay. Can the mind follow up with that lie? No, the mind can not stand the lie and this is why the mind will break. The mind of the deluded “modern” man!

Climbed it!

It was as if it would call for me, so I got my self naked, felt the wind all over my body and spread the arms as the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. What a wonderful feeling! If my dog would be able to take this picture, I would have shared it with you.

The view to the east….

The view to the west…

Made a heart for all of us…

And wave out! Bless you!

Time for tradition… What has been passed from one generation to another, is the most noble knowledge I have gathered in my life. Taking just as much as I need, never strip the whole bush, do it with love. Herbalism!

The nature, the plants at their best…

What would the pharmaceutical companies do if people would turn to nature, the God giving nectars, crystals, oils, acids of nature…

And they just sit there, with very few men to temper with them.

And while the drugstores are full of people waiting in line, I have spent a day of solitude again, picking up the herbs for my “Elixir of life”. No synthetics here my friends.

If it was good for Achilles and the heroes of the past, it will most certainly be good for me too.

Even death looks natural in the nature and there is nothing to be afraid of.

I am not, neither is my dog. Only thirsty!

And probably most of you wont be if you find a place such as this :)

I still prefer a place such as that.

Dry it, cook it, drink it…

And in 40 days, for the first time, Oil of Life will be ready too.

Thank you for walking with me, now find your nature, it is all around you.

What is beauty? A perception? A deception? You might ask yourself how much of beauty that you know of is a lie and how much is the truth. When you stand on our planet, you may see it, feel it as the largest thing that you can be aware of, however, you may still me misguided even with the animated documentary showing the planet as a football, a marble, a piece of dust. Think carefully, its size has never changed, it is large as it is. So is beauty!

It is unchangeable, it is invisible!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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