This is a story about friendship. In this case a friendship between a man and a village.

I remember when I first came to Sucuraj, invited by a friend of my father while doing a delivery from Dubrovnik to Split. At that time I was a young, angry, disappointed man who thought most of the time that he is better than everyone else and the rest of the time that he is worst than everyone else.

A very insecure character!

Today, I have finally grown up and see things differently and by much I can thank to all the people in my life and among them are the people of Sucuraj.

There are many places you can go, there are many places I have visited, however, only in Sucuraj I have found people of almost childish honesty and approach. Still unaffected by the power of the monetary system, people in Sucuraj live their lives very similar as they have lived hundreds of years ago.

A place to admire.

As we are speaking about friendship, I do not know if you have ever asked yourself what is friendship? Friendship is freedom and the ultimate feeling of love. There is no love without friendship and no friendship without love. When you have nothing to hide, when you can openly say whatever you want, maybe like “I have masturbated two minutes ago” to someone and that someone says “no shit, I did it 3 times yesterday”, that is friendship. A husband that openly says to his wife that he had sex with someone else and the wife that asks if it was good, that is friendship, freedom of doing, freedom of saying and the freedom of thinking comes only with true friends.

That freedom can be felt in Sucuraj.

Every time that I come to Sucuraj, I go and take a look at , or I may even call it a missed opportunity. She was offered to me for 6000 Eur and probably because of the sentiment, the owner newer went through with the sale. Now worth probably around 6000 Kn, she is sitting and waiting for her faith.


Perhaps, her time will come again.

Sucuraj was once famous as the pirate port, as the area between the second largest mountain of Biokovo and the second largest peninsula in Croatia was excellent for sudden attacks on any of the trading fleets at the time, however their faith was sealed as soon as they started to claim what was not theirs to take.

When someone asks me where am I going, I have always replied that I am going to the three brothers. The vintner, the archaeologist and the artist always have something new to tell, to teach and to share, accompanied by the wife, the son, the daughter and other members of their beautiful family.

As I am not writing in promotional purposes, I will not name anyone as their names are upon you to find out.

At every step of the way, there is a sensation of peace and calm.

And with what I have arrived, I will leave again….

Even though the righteous men would be satisfied with less.

And as the graffiti on the wall would say…

And if you are one of the lying and opportunistic son’s of bitches, you will definitely find it out in Sucuraj and here is just a little fuck off from me too, however, feel free to come back when you get yourself in order.

And for those that are Friends

St. Nicolas will look after us all.

Sucuraj is where friends are!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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