It has been 4 days since I join my lovely “Norge” crew as their skipper, a group of 4 couples in their sixties, however, with a spirit of a teenagers and I have been loving every step of the way or every drop of the sea…..

This time my life path brings me to Scedro, a lovely little island in Croatia, which would be known to most only if the proximity of Hvar is mentioned, however it remains a paradise for a very few privileged to visit. With a total of 30 inhabitants during the season it is one of the few islands these days where the tourism did not bring swarms of tourists and it probably never will as the people here are modest and not interested in advancing their business, at least the Kordic family in the bay of Mostir (Manastir, Monastery).

My lovely crew felt like home as soon as they have step ashore and I decided to shot a couple of pictures, instead of starting with my usual marathon drinking. I have armed myself with a simple camera and started my 150 m walk-around.

Just a few steps away from the little family restaurant, a path leads to the 11th century Dominican monastery.

In this arid paradise, vegetation still finds its way to overcome the droughts and other species of life do their best as well.

I have reached the monastery after “hard” 20 seconds of walking and have decided to get the best of it, so I have climbed it carefully not to damage further what the nature is claiming back for the last 500 years.

Soon I got the impression that every photo that I take on this island is just great, I would love to place more photos, however my rule of 30 photos max prevented me from exaggerating.

It makes me wonder sometimes, when the life was labeled as hard, when the amusement came mostly from imagination of a mind, where did the modern man brought himself and how far is he ready to go?

When every satisfaction has a price tag on and we do not understand that the best things come for free.

To the sun, water, air and dirt, we owe everything and all four still come for free. A walk or a run in a forest, a swim in the sea, a gentle meditation or a nap below the pine tree, as on Scedro it can be enjoyed everywhere.

I came back to the village and in front of one house I could hear a silent mourning of what I would recognize as an old women. It sounded like the pain of the great loss and inability to handle life further…the torture in paradise. I stopped for a while and send my blessings, even if she could not see me or hear me I did wish for her to let go as we are on this world to let go. Everything that we keep, memories, money, loved-ones, we are unable to take with us, finally we cannot even save our bodies and fighting against it causes agony.

Even on Scedro!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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