It almost happened that Rab was left without a walk. First of all I have considered as I was on vacation with my family not to shoot any photos and after I did that, I forgot about my thoughts during the walk.

Monastery of St. Euphemia

Rab can rest assured, we are doing the walk.

I went to bed after midnight that night an something woke me up already at 04:00 a.m. I have moved from the bedroom to the living room trying to catch a nap,but it was not working. Around 05:00 a.m. I found my self walking.

I really wanted to see the St. Euphemia monastery during the night and I was hoping that it would be illuminated as I saw it during the daytime, so I took the seafront for about 1,5 km and back to start again in the direction of the Old town.

I was thinking about the solitude again and this precious moments that we got with ourselves, which, as I have found out, is quite frightening for most of the people as they have become slaves of someones presence and lost their will almost completely.

There is no greater crime than the one which 2 persons can do to each other. Some people will disagree, however, in more cases people have destructive influence to each other when it comes to relationships as “some” of them would consider that they must do everything together and if not our old friends resentment, jealousy, and envy are the first in line to poison the mind of the….. well, stupid!

Marina Tetanus

When you get yourself to walk, to run, to climb, to write, to draw, to sail, to fly, to do whatever comes to your mind, you can consider that you have made it in your life. There is nothing worse for our minds, for our bodies then poor old boredom. Boredom is the sign of mental sickness, because when you are using your brain to consider boredom, you just might use it for anything else, to think philosophically, not to think at all (meditate) or use it to move your body and create or exercise. The options are limitless, and just imagine how sorry you should feel about yourself when you are deceived by boredom?

Ok, we are back from Euphemia. This little “marina” was located only 50 m from the apartment I was staying with my family and it was for the first time that I saw something like that. As for the shallow sea, it was only suitable for boats with really small draft, however, I did find it kind of sweet and I called it Tetanus, because of the hundreds of rusted metal poles sticking out of the sea and keeping the place all together.

For the first hour I did not meet any people on my way and then I met a lady, a man and another lady walking her dog. It is funny how during the day nobody would say hello to each other, but at 5 a.m. it is like we are on the mountain or at the sea, passing next to each other and saying greetings, the decency of night, darkness and solitude!

As the sunrise started, even those souls were gone, the ones enjoying the night, the calm, the solitude.

During the day I did not even noticed the educational part of the seafront as there are many boulders in the sea which may appear like meteorite shower remains, however their are not, they are result of the tectonic movements and earthquakes, built from different material, the limestone, which could be found on mainland.

The rocks and the seafront is composed by quartz sand and the educational note says that it was brought by a big river from the Alps. The river had no name, as it existed between 30 and 50 million years ago. For more information about this topic, visit Rab and see for yourself, if you are not lazy.

It is amazing, the change, the transition between the dark and the light, as the dark gives you some imminent romance, showing only shades and shapes of things the dawn will slowly show you and reveal what you have been “seeing”, imagining.

The empty squares….

The empty alleys…..

And a tribute to freedom… Freedom is the name of the square I came about and funny as it is, everything I was thinking till that moment, everything I am writing now about the states of mind, about solitude, about laziness it has everything to do with freedom, however, do not be deceived and think that one has a freedom to be lazy and bored, that one had his freedom striped from him, in early childhood, in false friendships or in a bad marriage.

Freedom comes with movement. And as this clock will tick tack and move, you have to move, your thoughts have to move, your muscles have to move our energy has to move.

With the movement comes love, comes beauty and with solitude comes love for yourself, for energy, for life within you. And when you learn to be kind to yourself and love yourself as the only, only then you are able to love others. People that are not like you will disapprove it, they will resent you on love you have found for yourself and they will continue their lives of agony, with the worst faith that their is, being self deceived and unloved, a slave to others, a slave to habits, a slave of patterns, a slave to rules and pretended behavior.

However, you always have to be on the look out! The world of the pretense, deception and lies is very true and it will work through your mind every second to get you back and enslave you again. Thread carefully and choose which doors you will got through, at least until all doors wont have any effect on you. It is possible to be porous, just the brain needs to get used to it and when it does, you will be untouchable.

You can walk the parks…

See the sculpture of St. Martin…

Look at the remains of what people are living behind them in probably one of the most beautiful parks of Rab….

And be like these guys….Free!

I first realize this freedom, when I found a nice bench next to the cow farm meadow in Luxembourg, where I was doing my sun gazing. The floor was full of cigarette remains and instead of cursing the whole human kind, one by one I picked them up, cleaned the space around that bench and without any disturbance and hatred in my thoughts I have become satisfied. I have moved!

I hope that you will too!

So next time, I am taking something like this one and I hope some hurricane wont prevent me from Palagruza.

There is too much traffic on Rab…

However, Rab is a beautiful island!

Be friends!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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