Advancing through life I have become aware of all the doors I have left behind, however, closed. Born into an innocence we continue our lives closed shut from everything and everyone as this has become the ultimate learning of the modern day system.

Each door that we close is or was the opportunity that we had and each one is our path to freedom.

I was somewhat lucky to grow up without the power of “NO”, which is a mistake of every parent teaching his child in the process of growing and in the every day life, along my way I see parents screaming at their children with this word of prison and shutting the little doors of life and freedom.

However I did not realize all the challenges and influences, and in the process of living I have too managed to close many of my own doors.

The great thing in life comes with the Self-realization and awakening, where you again may find out that all doors may be opened again.

We just have to find the key to open the keyhole of fears!

And locks we have permanently locked.

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to wake up in the sweetest area of Vis, that carries a name Kut (Corner). It has been years and years that I have been returning here and it is one of the places among countless on this planet, where you can easily find the peace in your mind.

I presume that the written history of this little refuge dates from around 15th century, where the people have gathered around the modest, however, beautiful church of St. Cyprian and Justina.

And while we give our best to produce blocks of cement and metal, there is probably not a soul on this planet who would say that men have taken a peace of this land and made it ugly.

The peace and calm of this place even in the high season will provide you with so much needed stress relief.

I do have a stressful job, with both monetary and psychological responsibility. As I said yesterday to one of my clients, “If I put myself last, in total I have three responsibilities, the first are you, the second is the boat which has a value which is worth double than everything that I have or inherited in life and the last is myself and my well-being.”

To speak about the well being, I finally woke up with less pain in my mouth, as the agonizing pulsation of my №6 have kept me without sleep for the last 2 days. And not having the opportunity to visit the dentist, I again had to become my own doctor. With a focus on my nerves and a prayer, a little brush and cleaning of the gingival area, a pill or two, r three I have managed to visit my friend in Plisko Polje yesterday, where I met the guy who sold me a home made Propolis (a bee product) which seems to help me a lot.

Thanks to my will to go up there, the things did work out for my benefit, so I am sitting now, drinking coffee after a very nice morning walk and writing this article.

I remember one of my friends, a photographer named Marin with a family name of Tironi, telling me once that his editor asked him after he presented his photographs, “Marin, this is very nice, but where are the people?”, later explaining that people like to see other people on other photographs, which I strongly disagree with….as on the photographs without people you may find yourself and where the other people are, you may loose yourself.

Speaking about people, most of you need a trigger for interest, and Kut has found, apparently with filming of a new Mamma Mia movie, which I know nothing about.

And after 50m……

Time for a long swim is approaching, so I will leave you be…

….however, remember, that sometimes even angles may be found behind bars!

Thank you for joining me on this sweet little walk, again, at the sweetest place on island of Vis. I hope you liked it!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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