I do regret about the topic of this walk and I hope there wont be any resentment from the people of Korcula, however I do not choose to write if some thoughts do not enter my conscience.

Korcula, certainly among top 5 most beautiful towns in Croatia doesn’t even deserves to be called “little Dubrovnik” as the spirit it has should not be compared with anything else. Dubrovnik is Dubrovnik, Korcula is Korcula.

From the ancient times till present, different parts of modern Croatia have changed many rulers and different occupiers, and in one moment the area was occupied by Croatians, even though Croatians would like that they could claim that this was always a Croatian land, however, it wasn’t, we are just one in the row, and Korcula, unlike any other, after the Napoleonic wars, were occupied even by the Russians. What were the Russians doing here, the answer lies in the damn politics.

For the regular men there are always two paths to choose. One of them is up.

And the other one is down. When asked, which one you would prefer, remember that even when climbing the Mt. Everest, most of the people loose their lives when coming back, so we may say that the easier way is more dangerous way, especially for beings without wings. And as a bear cannot run downhill with full confidence, neither can any two, three or four legged creature.

When you remove yourself from the regular path of pattern, you will find solitude almost everywhere, even in the high season Korcula, you will open your lungs, feel your heart and the ease of mind, you just have to stop being one of “those” people.

And become more like him. A rough life he had, lost his life in a fight for mating, at least so he says :)

Now, back to my original thoughts. I have remembered one of my close friends Igor, who completed the course to become a bee keeper and shared a story with me. He told me: “

It is not so hard to believe it. People are afraid of disappointment and disappointment is one of the first things that we learn from our parents as they did from theirs before. The only way to fight disappointment for most of the people is by lying. However, lying will put you in the cage and distant you from the truth, so your life will become unreal, it will become a lie.

And every truth in your life will bring the crushing pain, which you wont be able to stand, at least not without a fight.


Korcula has one of these lies, which disappoints her. Once upon a time there was a remarkable human, called Marco Polo, he is not only remarkable for his achievements, but for his ability to be born at the same time at two places, in two houses. One in Venice and one in Korcula.

I am not sure that during his lifetime he knew about his extraordinary ability, however I cannot accept it too. Marco was born in Venice and he can call Korcula the town which he loved the most, he can even call it his home, however he would not certainly call it his birthplace as many would disagree with me, however, many would not.

These days people like to say that Marco was Croatian, which is also a big fat lie, as Marco in Croatian is Marko and Polo has nothing to do with Croatian (Slav) last names and ignorance which creates lies is the most dangerous of them all, as the non-educated men who think that they are right, are the most dangerous of all.

I heard that the truth can be felt, however, not conceptualized, you just have to search for it. I have heard it after I found my truth.

So, there are so many details in Korcula which are worth admiring, all but the lie about Marco Polo. Lie is the first symptom of insecurity and I say again, which will keep you in a cage of the unreal world.

Walk the path of honesty and truth.

And you will find out that you were everyone else before yourself. At least I did!

And now, I can walk alone and I can love my body, however, being careful not to get addicted to it again.

As my body at one stage made me hate everything that there is. Even my job, which I have loved before and I would easily shoot that cannon if given a chance, before…

But now I know that my soul will never live my body, it will not fly in the air, I wont become a star or a part of the universe. These are the greatest lies we have been told.

I will be going where I come from. My soul will subtract back to life, behind the empty space, our mother where we have been gathering elements and growing.

So do not worry, Marco is not at home, he is home!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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