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Andreas Vilic
4 min readOct 3, 2018


Just as I started my first article, I will start this one with the same words. When I mention people or “them”, I am referring to myself, to you, to us, because it is not relevant about whom I am writing about. Psychology would have trouble following, because if I talk about me and mention “I” or “Me” it would be as I am full of myself and if it would be about others, it may turn out as aggressive on mine behalf. Anyway, I do find myself equal, even if there is a difference in skin, height, weight, sex, I do not consider myself to be of any greater value even from an animal or anything alive or dead.

The funny thing about the world is that a small percentage makes it “perfect” when it comes to “us”, however, we all choose to be misled and fantasize how we live in the world of beauties, splendor and that it is all made for us. There is a certain amount of people that remained visible throughout history and their wisdom has been transferred from generation to generation, with every few generations, the idea would evolve and some improved meaning would appear. It is the evolution of thoughts. However, that evolution is not present if we would consider statistics and world population. This wisdom is not available for everyone, I could even say that it is not even reachable. So, in the world of psychology, only psychologists are somewhat aware and educated about the mind and influences between our bodies and our minds and all that comes with learning and teaching which I must warn that may or may not be correct.

Because in the human world “correct” is considered to be only if it is approved by those who probably fear. You won't find that pattern anywhere else in nature, as in nature there is nothing wrong or correct, it is only natural.

I started writing about the truth and decided to dedicate my life to the truth and along with the honesty, direct approach to everything, even the negative will turn to positive, as the truth has no sides it is just how we comprehend things and we comprehend how we are taught. There is always a choice to it, as our reactions can be under control, however, a lot of truth is needed, not to be affected with all the programming we went through with different influences or authorities. Even movies, novels, holy and/or comic books can make a twisted perception of reality, however, we may not be able to notice it. Our changes in behavior, our ways of neglecting everything that is happening and that is real and even worse being brainwashed and consider that everything that is happening is right and in order.

Everything is far from order. Children growing up with abusive parents, parents that forgot what was like to be children, what they grew up from and constantly repeating same mistakes, not allowing the change to take place. The damn patterns of behaviors, which lead to great misery, only because we are so used to live the predetermined lives. A son of alcoholic turning to become one, or a daughter of a depressed mother, turning to become one. And the only thing which we need to remember are the moments of joy when we were young, before being punished for our freedoms or actions. I don't have to write about the situations our world has faced and is currently facing, however, we can blame everything on childhoods and false learning, as there is not a single person in the world that can dispute the fact that all the people which are considered of being bad or even evil, did not have a proper chance in childhood.

We all grow into ourselves.

Someone would maybe argue that it would be a crazy world, but it makes me laugh when you look at the human world where we live in, it is far from childish, it is far from righteous, it is far from honest, it is far from the truth.

Basically, and I hope that any of the Orders won't find my texts as Satanic or any similar kind of fantasized bullshit, we all exist in space, and that huge darkness (at least what we consider huge) is the mother to everything because of everything exit in it and everything changes in it, from creation, from birth, from the beginning. It does not want to hurt us, it gave us everything, we are existing in it, such as the stars, such as the planet, such as everything.

Life is something we should respect, however, on a value list, I wonder what would the whole population choose in the circumstances where we have found ourselves. Maybe every country would speak for themselves, maybe every village would be different from a town or a city, however, I would bet everything that I have, that very few would choose the truth, as they would rather remain in the fantasy.

I will leave you to think about this one.



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