The voice that said “No beliefs”

From the beginning of mankind until the present people worldwide share similar beliefs. Our continuously evolving minds have found themselves in a struggle trying to define the meaning of life asking questions such as: Why are we here? What is our purpose? What are we supposed to do? These kinds of questions arise the basic equality we all share and are the base point for considering life.

Through research of many different religions, one may notice that the structure of thoughts and the ideas every religion addresses to have without a doubt certain similarities, however, the “clubs” which arose around those ideas were and remain the main generator of inequalities and by that they contradict everything they stand for. If the idea behind those religious groups resides in the rules accompanied in different protocols, dressing codes and accessibility or constraints, it is a question if any of these religions are trying to address the key point and questions which is equal for every conscious living being or their pure nature distance them and separate them from this equality.

Trying to figure out life and all the questions about life are usually asked in the moments when we are “wounded” and vulnerable. During our early childhoods when we are mostly driven by instincts and different kinds of knowledge have been implemented in our brains, such questions are mostly absent and life goes on with a certain flow. On the other hand, once mature the consciousness starts to play its tricks. If you would study on the example of many great and wise man you would notice that certain changes in their behaviour, views on life and ideas, that our beliefs are mostly built from, started between 30 and 40 years of age. I would call that age, the age of psychological maturity, which for many people is a challenge and because of the false beliefs and inability to let go from the traditional believes may result in a life of agony, subjected to psychological treatments, use of pharmaceuticals or in other situation drugs and alcohol.

It is most certainly a fact that every man and women are struggling through life, even though it is hard to admit it. The subjects about reality and life have become tabu subjects, but these subjects actually are subjects that people should share as the topic is the only real thing connecting people within the concept of equality, everything else will make us different, unequal and therefore it could be considered as false or a lie.

The reason why I am writing this is that I woke up this morning with a voice coming from the subconscious, which I am quite used to by know, and the moment when it occurred was simultaneous with the opening of my eyes. Almost like a smooth awakening call, which was short and precise:

“No beliefs!”

At the same moment, it became completely clear what the voice was saying. Every form of belief is entrapment and the fabrication of a conscious mind. A conscious mind has a real difficulty in following the subconscious where all the truth lies and has fabricated its way with week examples which many week minds have followed and probably will follow until the end of mankind.

I would dare to say that the world of “conscious”, that is the one we live in, is actually a false world filled with lies and fantasy and this is why we are witnessing so many people breaking up, physically, or psychologically or in other examples trying to euthanise it through the use of intoxicants . One may follow the ways of Christian and turn in to Muslim or even follow the wise ways of Buddhism or any other, however, it is running away from the truth in a certain way. We are not meant to follow fairy tales and fantasies, not even to question life, but to be a part of it, because as distant the man becomes from life it results in a struggling battle which is lost at its beginning.

There is a simple test, a question for the ones still honest to themselves, which will show where are you in this picture. The question is: Am I happy?

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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