The theory of exchange

What makes life? The core process of life is an exchange, which is the basic principle of evolution. Yet again, while it may be suitable for natural processes on our planet, the human world made it self-convenient while claiming overall superiority. As a result, we reason a life of beginning and ending instead of seeing it as an ongoing process that involves more than our benefit.

The story of beginning and ending is a consequence of time which is a product of intelligence, as far as known only measurable by human species. However, time did not make us any favours; on the contrary, time is responsible for most of the anxiety we experience. In a search for the answers, science will apply time to everything. However, time exists only within a material world, and that is the world of exchange. From merging atoms to devouring creatures, the world of destruction and creation is the one we are continually witnessing. It is a spectacular place in space, but we are terrified of being a part of that process and letting go of something that is not ours to keep. But the big screen is timeless.

When gazing at the stars, we see objects with a life span, the length of existence, however, we do not recognise the timeless canvas of space. Would it be possible to theorise about the beginning of space or it’s ending? The newest theories suggest that space is expanding, but what lies behind the farthest expansion point? So it may be an attempt to attribute time to an infinite phenomenon. Curiously, restrictivism is how knowledge is acquired. Trials and errors are an essential part of the evolution, but in all the provided time, humans are still failing to realise much of the reality.

But what is a reality, and what makes it a reality? One thing is sure, atoms do. Atoms are building blocks of everything, Nebulas, stars, planets, air, water, DNA, all living beings and unliving objects share them. Through these particles and only because of them, life can exist. Therefore, the potential of life should originate from its source. A simplistic view, but potentially accurate. In the beginning, there was not a word; there were H and He (hydrogen and helium). Through the spectacular universal kitchen, other atoms were born that eventually led to life forms, finally to the kind of life that will start questioning life in the way of intelligent thoughts.

The intelligent thoughts have always been an instrument of enlightened. And enlightenment arrives only with the knowledge. A mental dictionary determines the ability to speak or to think. Without words, there would be no thoughts, so in the case of human intelligence, in the beginning, there was a word. Such as everything in life, the terms are also a part of an exchange.

Even if the human race is one of a kind, we are certainly a part of something grandiose.




Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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Andreas Vilic

Andreas Vilic

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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