The Reality, a place of everywhere and nowhere

04.06.2018 the day I can still refer to as now or today, however, it is a day which is full of memories which are not determined to last.

Reality is a thought and without thoughts it wouldn’t exist, so the question is what does remain when the thoughts are removed from reality or reality from the thoughts?

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The only true reality which is constant is space and by space, I am talking about the space in space. First idea of the space we had and called it the universe, now we are calling it a multiverse or however you want to call it and the second idea is space as the room or the womb where everything happens, where everything is born, including life, and it never stopped being a subject of our admiration and research, however all that we see and research is temporary, a subject of change, a subject of existence and non-existence and the only thing that is permanent is the “womb”, the space which we consider as emptiness, nothingness.

Considering movements, gravitational pulls and all of the spatial relations, there is nothing that sits still in that space, everything is subjected to movement and the question of reality starts here.

Did you ever ask yourself what is a reality? Many people of the modern world do not. One would probably become confused as he or she lives all around reality instead of in reality. The major problem, which is one of the greatest inventions of the human kind, is the time. The time doesn’t have anything real with reality, on the other hand, it will twist it as it will twist a human mind.

The only factor of reality looking from the time perspective would be 0 (zero). There are no pluses, no minuses, no milliseconds, no hours, no months and no years. Reality happens at the moment you cannot catch, you cannot save, you cannot measure by time, however, the image of time will try to preserve or envision something that doesn’t exist, leaving one on both sides of reality. And while one is entrapped by time and its sides, it is impossible to feel the reality at the same time.

Now, think about movement! Think about the movement of earth, the movement of stars, the movement of galaxies, the movement of atoms, and finally the movement of a thought. They all share the same characteristic, which is movement and in the state of zero is the only state where any of them really exist. Second before or the next second is just a fantasy, something that is no more or something that will maybe become and as I mentioned before, every moment of reality which is spent in the previous seconds or in seconds that are yet to become is living nowhere, a life lost in a fantasy.

We deceive ourselves with time, trying to preserve various kinds of values within it, while defacto those values are a mental prison with no possibility to remain, the only outcome is an overload.

The intention of reality is to proceed, evolve and to be forgotten. One star will be replaced by another, a new thought will evolve on a place of the old one, yet again, they will all be forgotten.

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