Sometimes I go around and I wonder what happened to decency? I do not think that the power of expression went in the right direction, when it comes to any kind of expression, especially emotional and then transferred to verbalization.

Every single living human on this planet has a perception of the same things, while in mental processes could be processed in a different manner and as a result of different behavior. They are called decisions or the freedom of reaction.

You could notice a person driving in a fancy car, but maybe you won't notice a beggar sitting on the pavement and vice versa. In any situation, we choose to notice and what we notice will affect the outcome of who we are.

Whoever we are, and I won't be saying that any type of human could be determined as good or as bad, we do react and popularization has brought us to very poor verbal skills and the ability of verbal expression.

I imagine, that one day came a person in more or less decent society, full of bitterness and anger and freely started to express his emotions, but in a quite limited way. And when probably the dentist was “the fucking”, the politicians were “the fucking” and the whole world and human race were “the fucking”, probably some of these decent people saw it amusing and were fascinated with this new ability of speech and personal freedoms to express. Long story short, very soon we found ourselves in the society where doctors of medicine are saying “pass me that fucking syringe”, managers are saying “you have to bring me that fucking contract” and parents are saying”don't fucking bother me right now”. As funny as it may sound, it is not funny at all, it is worrying.

So what happened to decency?

Decency is waiting to become popular again, as at the moment it is out of fashion. However, the word “fuck” and all of its derivatives represent a week or even call it poor ability to express. It is a sure thing as well that decency could be limited if an individual because of an almost retarded approach to decency loses his or her ability to express, on the other hand, with an openminded and decent approach far more could be verbalized and explained with much less appearance of a circus or a stand up comedy.

Example. (Anger and disappointment)

“Those fucking politicians and their fucking tailoring and fucking new age regimes and fucking slavery system fucking pisses me off.”


“I think that politicians are a new form of royalty, involved in a decision making for a wellbeing of the whole human race, while the whole human race does not recognise any proper changes when you question the work of the politician, it all seems like a big charade.”

Many times I have been with different people and I can't say that I do not sware at all, but when involved in a conversation, I do notice when my ability to speak is going haywire. You will notice that the power of “fucking” and the use of it will come up mostly in friendly environments, as it has been accepted as a social norm and almost brought to the decent way of expressing yourself as it is so broadly distributed.

In my language, you would say “jeben, jebena or jebeno” depending on he, she or it.

Anyway, “fucking” is a bad word as you would use it in the moments of disappointment, frustration, anger or hatred and this is where the powerful and even dangerous part is because the more frequent use of this word will only show how disappointed, frustrated, angry or filled with hatred you are and it is probably the best moment to visit the psychologist to solve your issues. However, if the psychologist determines that you have none of this issues then you are just plain stupid and the cure for that you will find in millions of books written from the birth of literature.

And when there are books,decribed as spiritual guides with a title “I do not give a fuck — the greatest spiritual path”, you are also witnessing that the years of evolution and philosophy went bye,bye.

I won't even comment the American “Like

Good luck! Vs. Fuck Yeah!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!