The Exit Strategy (Coronavirus; what, when and how?

For the overview of coronavirus, there is plenty of information provided by the WHO (

Almost every media is continuously asking questions and demanding an answer to when it will end, when will the restrictions be removed, and when will it be possible to return to a ‘normal’ way of living.

These kind of questions are placing unnecessary pressure on institutions and the general population as the period is uncertain, and no easy fix is in sight. The question of withdrawing, of what seem to be repressive measures, draws an issue if it was necessary to implement these measures in the first place. However, according to the chaotic situation in global healthcare systems, it is evident that these measures were vital in preventing a collapse of health care services and a full spread of the coronavirus.

While keeping in mind the difficulty to tackle with such an invisible threat, the question of ‘when’ the restrictions will end is not hard to guess.

Not anytime soon!

As long as there are new cases of a coronavirus present, security measures should remain in place. Only one new case of infection that is not under control may trigger a further spread of the virus that will trigger a new epidemic, while potentially leading to the second wave of the pandemic. Therefore, if a particular community did not experience new cases of infection in fourteen days (recommended isolation period), that community should be able to enjoy less repressive methods, while carefully monitoring all the goods coming in from the global supply chain (preferably isolating them for a certain period and applying disinfection agents).

The Exit Strategy!

When it comes to the usual way of living, there is no exit strategy, what many governments are unwilling to accept. However, if the global economy, employment and stability want to be ‘saved’ or preserved the idea of Coronavirus free zones should be a potential and preliminary step. As the virus is using different means to spread and infect people; the tactical approach against the virus should be practical.

Let’s bring it from macro to micro levels.

Ensuring that a unit, a building, a block, leading to larger quarters are the ‘free zones’, could restore economic fluctuations within these areas. Employment should be considered within these areas because there is undoubtedly a lot of potential just sitting there in isolation or otherwise unemployed.

The situation requests a great deal of seriousness from every citizen of this planet. Moreover, even if we did not see much of solidarity in action in our lives, it is the right time to demonstrate it.



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