The “complicated” truth about life

Perhaps it will be hard to handle for some readers, especially the ones which have decided and gave all their effort in life to be different then others, but it seams that time has come to close this chapter.

A few days ago, a person that knows a lot more about me than I know about him or her and which will be editing some of my texts, asked me which was my favorite article that I wrote, also suggesting to start with some articles which contain my personal experiences. I gave a complete freedom to the person, but noted that my favorite article that I wrote is the first article that I wrote “The “simple” truth about life” and as far as I could explain, I wrote that as the subject within is something that has been following me for many years and unlike other articles which contain personal experiences, that one contains something that is not of my own and that is the trigger and drive which gave me the passion and pleasure of writing and to continue with writing.

Unlike the “simple” truth, the “complicated” version believe it or not, wont be so long and will leave a lot of your personal space to comprehend and to find out, leaving you with a choice as everything in life is a choice, to agree or to disagree.

I will first say that everything we know of is both right and wrong, as the day and nights are different. All the “good” books, all religions, all the systems, the Indian caste system or the Western world monetary system as they all carry the elements of truth, but instead we have a widespread of lies. How did that happen? Well, the archaeologists still did not dig out the evidence, but we do have millions of theories about everything, while the only certain thing is that everything will remain uncertain.

If you are a true believer, you will have to believe in everything, not only in one thing!

On the other hand, every human being has the ability to dig deep and as deep to the point of creation and understanding and the simplicity of the truth is something that is not difficult to accept, but was, is and will be refused in the world we are living as the world we are living could easily be named:


In my first article, I wrote “ In this text I will address to I, You, We or Us, but please keep in mind that whomever I do address it is meant to address all mentioned as a part of collective understanding.

It took me a while to understand that the whole truth lies in the sentence above.

I, You, We, Us

So I will ask you and you answer to yourself, what do you think of life?

For what I think, came to be what I know, the sparks just needed to get there. Allow me to take you back to the day you were created and that day was long before your mother and father had sex or if some nice doctor launched you in the womb of your mother. The day when you were created was when the energy of life took the elements and build you in two places, an egg in your mother and the sperm in your father and as beautiful the moment is, which without a doubt proves every consideration about immortality of life, as creation of what we consider nothing and from “nothing” does exist. The only shame is that we are brought to a world of lie, but again lie can be a good reason to search out the truth.

If you will be considering this, you may find out that everything you say or do determines you. If you don’t really get where I am going with this, just think deeper, I will give some evidence.

A person that kills someone is actually killing himself. Did you ever see how murderers end up? Veteran soldiers, street killers, accidental killers, world leaders…..

A person that insults someone is insulting himself! In the modern manners free world, calling people names has become so popular that you cant open the debate, simple conversation or a word of good faith and not to witness “a freedom of expression” and a poor freedom it is. But when you take your freedom and write something bad about someone, what do you think you become and what do you think all the public that will see it will think of you? A brave typist? No, you do become what you have written, as you become what you have said or did.

A person that says the words or makes deeds of love become loved.

And so on, find as many examples if you like they wont fail you.

That invisible force, energy or however we may call it, we also know as life and is something that surrounds us and fulfill us. It is unique and the same for everything we may find around us and it brings the great news of equality.

As a starting point I suggest that you start with people and see what you will find in their eyes and whatever “kind” of people they might be you will most certainly find yourself there in each and every one of them and when you finally find yourself, you will be self sufficient! The untouchable! You will be life!

For the ending word and to keep my promise to make it shorter then the simple part I just want to point “again” about the paths of hatred. I am looking to study a lot more about it, as hatred is the worst disease that has struck the human race and I have traced it to the late Sumerians and would appreciate if anyone has further insight. Just look at all the hated that become the haters, it is all the proof that you need. Persians, Greeks, Romans, German tribes, Nordic tribes, Europe, Americas, Nazis, USA, Israel, Muslims,………….

All effected by hatred….it is a sad world we are living in!



Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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Andreas Vilic

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!