The Aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Andreas Vilic
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Sadly, most people have no clue about history and global political and military manipulation. It is a complex issue. While there is so much effort placed into sustainability and civil, racial, and ethnic equality, we still witness inhumane reactions and a lack of common sense.

As humanity is mostly history driven, the best example of what is happening now was the war in my homeland. Once brother nations, both countries were manipulated by much larger forces and influences long before our battle occurred. Unfortunately, many people in my home country still hate the Serbs and consider our two nations like cats and dogs, but it is not the issue about species, just the lack of knowledge.

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At one point, both Croatia and Serbia were a part of a Habsburg monarchy (from 13th-20st century), and just like every empire, there were many issues, yet again it was still the time when these two nations were friends. The most excellent proof of that was Croatia helping Serbia in conflicts with Bulgaria, which lasted from the 9th to 14th century. But, of course, you would not send troops to defend an enemy, would you?

In the 14th century, there was another protagonist with the idea of a great empire, the Ottomans. They started expanding and conquering with incredible haste, but before invasions, they would send emissaries to join their cause and promise to preserve culture and religion. However, for those that would refuse, the outcome was a horrible bloodbath. And at that time, the Croatians and Serbs would become the most significant enemies on the territory of the Balkan peninsula.

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While Serbs were standing firm with their vasals, the Habsburgs, Bosnian nobles already negotiated with the Ottomans (The historical saying is “Bosnia fell with a whisper”), and Croatian nobles were also considering betraying the Habsburgs to join with the Ottomans. To keep the long story short, Croatian nobles Petar Zrinski and Fran Krsto Frankopan were invited to Wiener Neustadt for negotiations, just to be executed by decapitation for treason that still did not occur. Still, the Habsburgs did not want to take any chances. On the other side, the Serbians failed to get the military support they needed and still stood against the Ottomans, but they were overrun by far superior forces. As a punishment, the Ottomans killed almost all noble families in Serbia and subdued the whole country to incredible terror.

So why am I mentioning history? Because it is all very similar. However, it is not about territorial domination but economic influence, false pride, and especially military equipment testing. We have all witnessed wars whenever new technology is developed and needs testing. The Russian-Ukrainian war is an example of all of this.

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Apparently, Russia’s main reason is to stop NATO from coming to their borders, but NATO has been on its edge. After the Nazi attempt to conquer Russia, there was no idea mentioned anywhere that Russia should be provoked into war at some point or that any effort should be considered to attack them. On the contrary, things were finally becoming a bit normal, with trade and cooperation established. And now, we are again witnessing destabilisation as a global event, with Ukraine suffering the most.

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With China as its strategic partner, Russia can wage war against Ukraine for the next 100 years. It will leave Ukraine a ruined desert, with many deaths and centuries-long hatred, just as it happened to the Croats and Serbs. However, Russia most likely won’t win this war because, with the continuous support from the west and more than forty million nationals, it is not a tiny cake but an impossible mission.

Therefore, many people will die; both Russians and Ukrainians, who were once brothers, will fight to their deaths for the false ideals of their leaders. The world will stand aside and watch because any other option would be a new global event, WW3.

Even if Ukraine manages to preserve its political ground or if Russia infiltrates with the new puppet government, Ukraine will be a country full of weapons, new criminals, and a very unsafe place stripped from culture and morals, just as Croatia and Serbia were and most likely still are. The future of Ukraine in all scenarios is corruption, inequality, poverty, and civil suffering.

Therefore, after millenniums of horrors, wars, and what followed after battles, the human animal still can not recognise anything, making us worse than an animal, and definitely not humane.

And who is responsible? Most likely, not more than 10 people, all to be found between America and Russia. And who is to suffer? Tens of millions of innocent people.

History constantly repeats.



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