That is a great article and about something that most of the people these days aren’t even aware of. Human managed to denature generally speaking, but also to “deuniverse” himself. You can see people living the system, going from day to day, completely neglecting the fact where we are, what we do and where are we heading.

The evolution will never stop!

No matter what, there is always a tension to balance and even if started with a small percent of collective understanding, along the way all the ideas will get more clear as everything is evolving and changing constantly.

We live today in an example of a sad world, poorly managed and driven by false means, but still, looking from 3000 years ago till recent history, it is a better world than before.

The world where any individual cant be supported with any kind of education he desires, because of insufficient funds and ever growing education prices does lead to a new form of discrimination, but again old, as knowledge was something that was reserved for the privileged. And in the same scenario you have countries spending trillions of their currency for their weapon’s programs.

Children education from early days makes them programmed to live and survive in this world and it must be really hard to break this barrier for most, as negative has more chance to catch up, then the positive an it all starts with our birth and early education which will determine most of our behaviors in life and there are few people that “grow up” or “wake up”.

We may mention ego, but ego is something that is individual and can not be shared and is the result of fears and hatred, so nothing good can come out of it, but the most important factor is the collective, where each person got his share of disappointment and now you have these forces clashing between individuals in a every day life.

It is easy to learn and there are many things to be learned and even rediscovered.

There is a lot of things that we know, but have forget!

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