Thank you for the article, nicely said. I would add that humans did work so much to become different from anything else in nature and differences are what we have. When you would compare a human to a dog, you could easily say that a dog will follow anyone who will feed him, but the humans will follow anyone that will give them purpose, even if it is a lie, a simple fabrication or complicated fabrication as religions are. It is difficult for humans to be alone and alone with their thoughts, so it has become that people are actually afraid of their minds, escaping from what really exists in the debts of the mind and escaping from themselves, just to be in the arms of another. So to follow and to follow blindly, this is what human have become. The world of religion however was swapped with a modern deity, the monetary system and it’s product, money.

I don’t remember reading an article, which is supportive, but that would not mention money, I will quote you: “There is a huge amount of money to be made”

It is a sad world, where pollution is on the rise, more and more people dying from chronicle disease, animals are going extinct and all that we worry about is money.

The money has become something that people do not want to spend, instead something they want to keep and have more and more and more. What does it remind you of?

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