Thank you for being a women

It sometimes takes a long time for men, well at least it did for me, to comprehend some things, which by the way are the most important.

Until I almost broke to pieces and after started to realize things in life, things of importance, I was on a very popular suicidal mission and wasn't even aware of it.

Drinking beer, doing drugs, basically “Sex, drugs and rock and roll”. What a stereotype! And you even get some popularity out of it, but it is as I said a suicidal mission.

When I found myself hitting the rock bottom, leaving my wife and kids in tears from worrying about what will happen to me and my mind was screaming, my skin wanted to rip apart as something wanted to escape from this imprisonment, they were still there, they did not abandon me, it is the only truth that there is, it is the only love that exists.

It took me a year to come back, wandering in the abyss of my mind to come to some conclusions and revelations and to become aware, just and righteous.

I took care about my two little girls and figured out how difficult and responsible maternity is and I even didn’t have to give birth and breast feed, get the hormonal disorders, I just did and I am still doing the easy part.

What kind of bullshit do we man sell? Going to work, from work to bar, from bar to a sofa and then complain about all the difficulties in life. Weak, weak and disgraceful.

After having a father, a “role model”, which spent his life killing himself, with alcohol, abusing the family I almost become as he did, something I was disgusted by. It is unbelievable what the early age learning may do to you. If you do not work really hard, you can only become what you have seen, learned and follow the pattern, instead of learning to become better, to evolve.

When I finally managed to get a grip and realize, I went to my mother, which I respected very little before and even blamed for a childhood of agony with a crazy drunk and I said:

Thank you for everything. thank you for giving birth to me, thank you for keeping me healthy and alive, thank you for every breakfast, thank you for running from work to prepare us launch, thank you for all the sacrifice.

I did understand why she did not leave my father, it is because she couldn’t. It is love that only women can show so freely. And my wife did the same for me, so I decided not to die on her.

To all women and mothers of this world, thank you for sacrificing your lives for us.

Thank you for being women! Where would we all be without you?

However, women must work too. It is not all about personal ideas and wishes it is about respect for both sexes. We do grow up in a different manner and we will probably always grow up in a different manner and this diversity must be respected. Early childhood, from the age of three and so on, starts to show these differences, sports, careers as there will always be a majority of one sex in certain interest fields and we must respect that, not force equality or even blame these differences, but support it. It is a 100% fact that women, if they would be willing to, they could lay bricks, build bridges or do anything that the men are doing, however, it is not their field of interest and while people are very harsh on history these days and relations, I would bet that many of the women, if in a decent relationship, were happy raising children, happy as housewives and men did not interfere in their work, the same as women could not have less interest in much of the things their husbands were doing. So as it was from the beginning of Homo Sapiens, men were hunting, while women had a very important task of keeping their children safe. There was absolutely nothing wrong about it.

It all comes down to respect and it is much needed from both sides, otherwise, it can not work. Some women get depressed, on medications and they are willing to go through life miserable while blaming man, and men go to the nearest bar, a start with the suicidal mission while thinking that they are in search only for a good time and company, while blaming women.. It is very important what you get at your home, because what you do not get and if you are in a need, you will find it in other places. However, other places can bring a slow death or a repetition and running in circles is what our planet is good at, or the electrons or the dog chasing its tail. It is not good for a human being.

Every living being has a duty to introspect. Emotions, feelings they are all coming from somewhere, however, the negative ones are coming from the negative experiences and if left uninspected, realized, and processed, they can cause a life in agony.

Dig dip, heal yourself, change yourself, save yourself. Evolve and you will have a great life. Blaming other people for your unsatisfaction won't get you anywhere and if there is no person running a knife into your heart, then it can be treated, communicated, understood and accepted.

After all, we are the one who will choose to neglect or to worry, to accept, or to refuse, to understand or to play dumb. As I wrote many times, it all comes down to choices and you have to see what kind of effect a choice has on you and your surrounding.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!