There are many nights when I look up and it is not the stars or celestial bodies which puzzle me, it is the space.

I was wondering how much of the research has been spent on the visible since many centuries, even millennia and why is that that the main objects of our research are the things we can actually notice. For instance, if I put a chair in an empty room, this chair becomes an object of observation and if I remove a chair from this room, we can call it an empty space, with nothing to observe. However, in this room, there are many things to measure, such as sounds, a density of the air, the volume or even suggest the position of this room in a space which surrounds it.

Since I was a child, like many others, I started to wonder about many things, but even the scientific answers were sometimes too focused on detail while in the oblivion of our place. And as the civilisation, even in a harmful way, keeps the everyday human busy, troubled, stressed, I wonder how much thought is placed on the superficial and passing and how much is given about the permanent.

Now, the old idea was that we are sitting in space while perceiving some motion, however, we did find out that everything is moving and with mapping of the space today anyone can find projections of millions of galaxies and their movement. So it gives the place in space to everything that we already found as visible. However, it still says nothing about the space itself, about all the elements or more importantly, life!

If we would consider space as a flat screen television we will notice, even in-depth, everything that is going on, at least to the edges of that television, but there is always a question of beyond. As far as we can see, as far as we can travel, what lies beyond? Is the space that we know static, not planets, stars, galaxies or anything we observe as in movement or is that wast “nothing” also in a form of movement or does it have currents and streams within itself, as some sort of movement we are unable to observe, like a river that joins the ocean or the circulation of the hot and cold air. What is space doing? Just sitting there in its infinity while everything is moving as a reaction of the theoretical Big Bang? I do not know why, but I was never quite comfortable with that theory, however, as much life seems to be insignificant, I think that it has a lot to do with everything that is going on.

If I consider life, and in another theory of evolution, it took me a while to neglect all the things I have heard, seen or learned, and to focus on what do I feel. It took a while to get out of the boundaries of my body and my self and to think in a more objective way. To do that I had to erase all the beliefs that were implanted in me as a result of human advance and not to worry for things, such as who will become the new champion in some sport, or which country will be the next in war, what is the new disease or a species which will be discovered. No, I had to go outside of the box and found myself perfectly equal, without religion, without beliefs, almost like space itself.

With a space view, looking down on us, linking every lifeform, every biological process which has been identified, there is a grand mystery of life and while questions about the purpose of life are being asked, there is a question what life is trying to do. I am assured that everything that is happening is a part of life otherwise it would not be happening, however, if you monitor the process of life, which took an “intelligent” form in human beings, we may assume that life wants to go further. It does not want to settle in space, on earth, it wants to evolve further, it wants to be linked.

There is a lot of maintenance and repair which should be in order because the mistakes which were made were a matter of poor choices and we may find choices as natural, but most of them are nearsighted, miscalculated or simply selfish. How do I know it? Because I can feel it! And if I can feel it, it means that life is trying to say something. And even if we witness both the creative and destructive forces of life, we have always a choice, a choice to discover, to protect, to cooperate, to create and not to invade.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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