Smoking causes everything

From American Lung Association

As far as we know the tradition of smoking tobacco dates from around 8000 years ago and it has never been so seriously criticized as it has been in the previous few decades.

I remember, when I was a child, a friend of my father who was told that smoking is the habit of “poor, stupid and black” and he commented that he is neither poor or black and briefly stated, “I must be stupid then!”

Sigmund Freud (Christie’s)

However, smoking tobacco in various forms was also a matter of class. Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Josip Broz Tito, Fidel Castro, Albert Einstein, James Dean, Elvis, Sigmund Freud, Keith Richards, Humphry Bogart, Robert De Niro, most of the members of the House of the Lords and many more, including my grandmother that smoked 3–4 packs a day till the age of 82 were enjoying their time with a burning tobacco in their hands.

And now, after a few decades which we can even call as a war against tobacco lovers, “the dangerous” suggestive labels have appeared on almost every tobacco product there is. Why is it dangerous? Because of the power of suggestion! A suggestion may be fruitful if it is positive, but a negative suggestion, if mentally processed and accepted as a fact may have far more serious consequences than smoking itself and therefore these suggestions which we found in the form of health propaganda should be removed from all tobacco products and smokers should be left alone. It would be far better to place the photographs of various athletes on these products and it just may be that after a good smoke an individual will go for a long run, a game of tennis or anything else.

What I find extremely amusing is the hypocrisy of society. I could state as a fact that taking your family in a car, a bus or an aeroplane for summer vacation will do more environmental damage then all the tobacco you can smoke in your life. But we do not find these labels on these transport devices, we do not find them on factories, nor you will find them on alcohol products or on the hamburger box of any global franchise chain.

I would not be surprised that the next label they will come up with will say that “Smoking causes global warming and environmental crises”

Why is that? I do not know, but I do know that I am going for a smoke!

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