Simple “truth” about life

Life is a cycle and the most important thing in a cycle is balance!

As Alexander the Great said or it is believed that he said it, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”, I considered that there is nothing to lose if I share my revelations, which may be accepted or not by the wider audience, but anyway, the main theme is about the truth and the truth does vary from one person to another, depending on his or her knowledge, believes, orientations, lifestyle, mental state, spiritual state, etc.

In this text, I will address to I, You, We or Us, but please keep in mind that whomever I do address it is meant to address all mentioned as a part of collective understanding.

The great Buddha said: “All that we are in life is what we have thought”
But all that we have thought is the result of what we have learned, so we may change this great verse to “All that we are in life is what we have learned”, which should encourage you, to continue with your learning and not just because you can, but because you want to.

So let us proceed with life. Not to count all the great thinkers, saints or even people considered to be divine, they were all in a search for the truth and the truth is, that it is available to each one of us. Again, I want to point to the Socrates “All I know is that I know nothing”, but the truth is that I don’t know that I know everything. And every time, when knowledge and science bring us to the point of confusion, misunderstanding, and complication, there is always a choice to make things simple as it is a loop. Everything that is simple can get complicated and vice versa.

Life? The question of the meaning? It is life! The answer is in the question. The meaning of life is life. But we will get back to life with “what?” and “why?”.

Now, before I continue with the text, it is of utmost importance that you question everything that you have learned in your life and if possible clear your mind of all that is actually poison in your mind, affected by the flaws of civilization and a result of brain poisoning and all the ideals and boundaries which were implemented by the word. Remember that the speech centre of our brain is just a small fragment of our brain and that most of our thoughts are focused on words even though visualization carries thousands of words and feelings can't even be described properly by words.

From ancient times, humans had a very strong urge to denature themselves, even proclaiming nature, to whom we owe everything, as a number one enemy to human species. And even when we share the same life built and our cycles are the same as for every living being (creation, feeding, birth, growth, and death) we passionately wanted to be excluded from it, finally excluded from life, trying to make ourselves superior to nature and to life. Which as the result was the creation of time and fears, among other things that interfered with one of the life’s greatest propriety, and that propriety is the balance.

To shortly describe balance. Think of your eyes, your sight and the mechanism in your brain which gives you the ability to see. Do you know what you may thank for this ability? You may thank the light and in our case the Sun. If there wouldn’t be light, our sight wouldn’t evolve, neither would the letters and writing. But just to think about this balance and the light that is so important, this same light that gave us the ability of seeing can also make us blind. Same Sun, that we can not imagine life without, can also kill you. That is an example of the balance.

Imagining balance in the form of a line, a perfect balance would look like this

The perfect balance

Yes, it is a flat line. There are no disorders on it and it represents clarity and perfectly balanced condition. If seen as a life path, it is a path of pure wisdom with no disturbances.

The way we live our lives and which brings us to all kind of states, from excitements, happiness to anxiety, depression or more severe situations is a result of dis-balance.

Distortions in balance

You may compare the dis-balance to everything in life and you will find it true. If we take as example an ordinary human using alcohol or drugs of any sort the result will be the change in the balance, distorting the balanced line and creating the amplitude taking the person to a higher amplitude and as a later result sickness or the drop of the balance (low amplitude) and with constant use of such things the perfect line of balance may become flat again, but on a lower scale, leaving you as a dis-balanced person and every kind of dis-balance (high or low)will have an effect to the quality of our lives. You may remember the old wisdom “Who flies high, falls low”.

“This presentation was in 2D and I was thinking, what can I do with this line. The outcome was amazing! I will apologize for my drawing abilities, but I couldn’t find such examples anywhere. “


If we took time in consideration, this is how our lifeline would look in balance and dis-balance and if we put it to 3D, this is what we would get.

3D timeline

Then, there is a question about “time”. What is time, we will get back to it later, but for this little experiment, this is what we would get if we just neglect the existence of time, considered to be just a fabrication of a human mind.


Yes, it is, a loop!

With this in mind and taking the question of life, I have realized that life is omnipresent throughout known and unknown Universe, Multiverse and infinity. And as we can thank the Sun for our vision, we can thank the balance where we have found our self for the life that we know took its shapes. But we always have to remind ourselves, that if we don’t see something it doesn’t mean that it is not there. There are many things we can not see (oxygen, radiation, light, etc.). And basically, life is created from something that we may refer as nothing, that can give you the idea that anywhere in space if conditions are true to the conditions on Earth, life would flourish in a way which is known to us.

So what is life? We are life and everything that surrounds us. Space is life, balance is life and life is our home.

The meaning of life is life and life is a balance, ever-present and endless.

Now, what is a human? This may be painful to some readers, but it is something we are able to change, while we still have “time”. Humans are a dis-balanced form of life and I will let you think about the dis-balanced form of life which is a very great threat to us. Now, you will find a way to protect yourself. Balance is always present and always a choice. Pain, sickness and all sufferings are the results of dis-balance.

The only thing we can philosophize about is the imagination of a human mind, which as the main product offers stupidity. Cognition is ever-present, such as life.

Good thoughts, good words and good deeds as said by Zarathustra, it is the ultimate wisdom and the pure line of balance. There is no light and darkness as a ratio between good and evil. We sleep and heal ourselves in the darkness. It gives us the possibility to see the light and the endless space around us is visible only in dark and there is the same dis-balance always present both in light or darkness. We are created in darkness and we are given birth from darkness and thanks to the light we can see the infinity of life.

So, life can be balanced or dis-balanced, which one will you choose?

This reasoning could be used successfully in Psychology as reasoning and intellect are sufficient that every action will lead to reaction and the reaction always goes two ways or we may say waves (outward and return) and in some other topic I will share my thoughts about the effects of dis-balance on human health, but most of the readers will already find out for themselves.

What is time? Is it a fabrication of a human mind? The answer is yes, because time doesn’t exist outside of a human mind and it is something like money, the fabrication that can twist our minds and bring us pain and agony. Time is movement, but not only movement,it is an empty space between two positions. Time is something that everyone fears the most and it is an infinitive imagination of a human mind. It is death, something completely opposite to life. Time is the greatest dis-balance.

I had a whisper in my dream that told me ”LIVE, LIFE, STYLE”. And when I woke up I repeated it and the second time the word YOUR just pop in.

So, live your lifestyle, but keep in mind the equality, good thoughts, good words and good deeds and we will be able to bring balance to life once again.

Thank you all for reading.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!