Sailing with Jeb’s family (Part 8, An oversight)

I woke up with a slight hangover, and the slight is because of the good wine that I had. I ca not remember if I spend a day on Vis in my life and stayed sober.

The time did finally tell me that drinking, partying, staying up all night and skippering has a fuse of its own and sooner or later it will burn out as everything that is driven to the limits burns out sooner than those that are not.

I did my shopping, a card of cigarettes as I had to be sure that I do not stay without them if anchoring somewhere without a shop or a kiosk, it could be call as the power of addiction, and I met my Jeb’s “talkative” as always and we moved on. I was watching Vis getting further and further away with almost a tear in my eye and this day I had a special treat for the Jeb’s.


After a couple of hours of sailing, we reached the small island of Scedro (Ščedro) and you could see the satisfaction even on the “Drakkar’s” face. It could not be a complete solitude as again, it was the season, however these families had something against the rest of the world and being around any other type of humans, if not their friends or relatives. You probably have noticed that they had the same approach toward me, but I had a misfortune to stay for two weeks.

Scedro has a lot to offer when it comes to solitude. Often there are quite a lot of boats there, yet again, people do respect peace and quite. It is just one of those places where you go if you are searching for peace and escape of an everyday modern jungle.


There are two bays which I usually visit and which offer restaurants and buoys, however, this time I couldn’t ask for a buoy as Jeb’s decided not to eat in the restaurant tonight, so the anchoring night was my destiny. As much as I like Mostir, I don’t like it for the anchor as there are no proper rocks or trees to fix your stern while anchoring, especially if you do not have enough rope on the boat you are sailing and there are this sudden wind gusts, which would hit only Mostir bay after the midnight, rushing in from the top of the Hvar to this little lonely bay, as if it would be a voice saying something to the old ruins of the monastery.

Visit-Hvar, Dominican monestary Scedro

When the boat was safely anchored I asked Jeb if he would take me to the land with the dingy so that they could have their privacy and that i could have mine. I could just see satisfaction on the faces of everyone and as I was about to leave, I noticed that they were happy, even waving to me, so I thought great, I will do it like this every night from now on. They can have their freedom, I will have mine and everybody is happy.

It was Jeb’s oversight, as food on these places which are isolated and remote are far better than in usual restaurants where you could get Wiener Schnitzel and French fries. Family Kordic and a guy named Pave are very friendly and nice people for the isolated type, it is the family residence over there and they make their living over there, in the small paradise.

It amazes me how some people could live in places like this. It is not that I don’t understand, however, there are so many people that I know, a town folks, which wouldn't change their small or big towns for nothing and when I think of it, it all comes to boundaries again and self-restrictions. Even if the change of scenery, a change of life would suite one, the one is not able to make a change because of one’s habits, learning, because of one’s addictions.

While I was eating my nice almost English (rare) style rump-steak and drinking a glass of a very nice local white wine, I noticed Jeb’s coming on shore a heading into bushes, taking the trail to the monastery. I had a little conversation with Pave and explained the situation and I still remember Pave saying that he doesn’t know what is wrong with people these days, that he doesn’t understand how do they live, confused and incapable and that he wouldn't trust most of them to take care of his bicycle. However, I wasn't sure if Pave even had a bicycle and if this letter ever get to him, probably he will tell me. Until now, let’s keep it as a mystery.

When the time for bed came, I walked my way to the boat and noticed that the tide has come and that one rope got washed away from the rock it was tied up, but the second one stayed on, so take it as advice, two ropes are always better than once, especially if you are leaving your boat unsupervised on anchor. Anyway, we were so close that I could almost jump to the boat or as would later stories show, to swim to the boat, but I gave a whistle to Jeb and he came to pick me up and took me back to the boat.

Hello Jebs, good night Jebs, see you in the morning!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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