Sailing with Jeb’s family (Part 4, A Turkish breakfast)

You probably do remember some nights when you go to bed and just flounder around which seems for hours, but somehow you fall asleep?

Well after the night,what seemed to be like sleeping in Turkish sauna, except that in saunas the humidity comes from constantly added water and in my case it was the humidity of my sweat, I stood up and went to see if my next 14 days crew is up.

From James Bond, but very similar.

The crew was made up from Jebs, which were a husband and wife with two kids (I did not figure out if they were “their” kids as something didn’t really work out with the last names), husband of Slavic country origin (a brother Slav, like Czech, Serb, Slovak, Polish, Bosnian,Macedonian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belarus or Russian) It is lucky for Europe that Slavs were always in some dissent or dispute, divided by greed, politics or religion as it would be a big player in history against the German or Roman based nations, so I might easily call us stupid and naive. Never the less I do not remember where was he coming from “the Jeb”, but anyway he seemed like a stand up guy, someone I could maybe connect with and spend 2 weeks at least with some eventual company.

Mrs. Jeb however could easily be compared with any connections that Scandinavians had with dragons, they did built their “Drakkar” ships with dragon heads placed up front and I tell you, if they would put Mrs. Jebs head there it would be one scary looking ship. She was a women of a normal height, quite athletic, but very hard to provoke any facial expression change ,from grim to anything else. To get a smile from her would probably involve some mysterious cult ritual. And the kids, were just kids.

By Leksotiger

The other couple had children as well and as I said,all of the kids were nice, but the other couple seemed that it was almost forced to this journey, I will speak a little about them as they were more like suitcases, not interested in any conversation and I got a feeling from the beginning like they admire the Jebs for some reason, so I will when needed refer to them as Jebs bitches.

As I lost most of my body liquid during the night at the sauna, I immediately took a bottle of water from the fridge and brought it up to drink it while sailing. We lifted the anchor and sail out in direction of Stari Grad, Hvar. While sailing they just remembered that they have friends on Brac in a place called Milna, a place that many skippers go to for a first night, but for me for some reason it was from the beginning very unattractive so I avoided it as much as I could in the last 15 years. It is my subjective opinion.

However, they managed to get in contact with their friends and I agreed to take them there, for a short meeting. As there are 3 marinas in Milna, one at least as I know, previously owned by a Dutch guy, a famous, all around Ardiatic, ACI marina and a new marina built on the old industry terminal with God only knows what kind of permit, but it was private and I could easily speak with the guys there as I have been there before.

On our way to Milna they offered me with breakfast and as for years and years my breakfast was what I call a Turkish breakfast, which included coffee and cigarettes, I kindly declined. The Jebs commented that I am as their last years Greek skipper that never ate with them, but one night when he was out drinking they found a stash of chocolate hidden in his cabin.

Do you know this feeling? When it feels that lightning has strike your mind. You did what? You find what? I could not comment, but what kind of people are you going through stuff in someone else’s cabin. Well, the kind that will spy on you on facebook and all social medias where you may appear. Freaks!

As I was feeling quite uncomfortable from that moment I was just waiting to get to Milna. We docked, I agreed with the mooring boys not to charge us, as we wont stay long, and my beautiful guests just left with their friends, not even asking if I would join them for launch, leaving me with the boat and without any groceries, as they did not by any the day before, but you already know that. Arrival at 10 p.m. and so on.

I waited far more than it’s polite to stay when someone grants you to stay without charging and when they finally appeared I said that we had to go as we stayed too long. Quickly I jumped to the nearby shop and bought a 4 pack of beers for the guys and gave it to them that Mr. and Mrs. Jeb could see it. So this was a second nice thing that I did for the Jebs and they didn’t even ask to refund me the cost of that beers.

It was like they are sailing me and not that I am sailing them. Hahahah.

Thank you again and see you next time!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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