Sailing with Jeb’s family (Part 3, The arrival)

It was already dark and on the way from the bar to the office I noticed some people standing outside the path to the office and I did presume that those are mine clients. I didn’t say hi, as in Croatia, unlike Luxembourg where I am now, we do not say hi to everyone that we see on the street. But I must admit that I like this old school greeting everywhere. I am sure that the world would be a better place if everyone would start saying “moyen, morgen, hi, how are you, good afternoon, bonjour and so on” to everyone that they see.

I entered the office and there they were, the Jebs. A normal, untrained eye would consider them to be a decent normal family, but the appearance of the office girl that was already driven to the gates of madness would suggest otherwise. She tried with all her power to explain that the office has closed half an hour ago and that she stayed just because she needed to prepare for the morning. The computer was off, tourist registration was off, payments and deposits were off, in short, damn office was closed!

Not to mention further all the protests from Jebs, which could have been there earlier, but they probably had a nice sightseeing tour and unlike any other people to arrive on time, they continue to provoke and demand the service, while the office girl was rejecting them. As a kind of peace maker, I suggested that she gives me the ship papers, makes the registration in the morning and for deposit and other payments I decided to take the risk, so you may say that that was the first nice thing that I did for Jebs, as I always do many nice things for my clients. I could not know what nightmare awaits me, but it all came more clearer after we put all the baggage on board and they insisted that we sail out and it was almost getting close to 11:00 p.m.

To avoid potential problems and as their agent is a very good partner of the charter for which I do most of my skipper services, I decided to make them another favor and to sail out.

I did not wanted to sail far, so I choose Vinisce. It is a small village close to the town of Trogir, which on many cases I have compared (in geographic terminology) as the asshole of our planet.


Vinisce is located on the mainland,, but however it has all the elements of the island and I am not speaking about the island you swim too in a matter of minutes, but an island that is so far away from mainland that time has a completely different flow than at the most of the world and a first thing that can cross your mind when you find yourself there are the scenes from John Boormans “Deliverence”.

As I had the opportunity to work there for a while, because we had a base there when I was employed for one charter company I did get the feel of it. The stories that are happening there, the story with the base, marina and locals is a book for itself, so I wont go any further, but even for a Croatian resident like me, a man with roots from Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zagreb and Slavonia region, I could not believe my eyes nor ears, however I did meet some very nice and normal people there, but still. Ta na na na na na na na na!

Where were we? O yes! We arrived to Vinisce a little bit after 11:00 p.m. and I thought, ok lets try to make friends. It somehow wasn't the same, like with almost a thousand people that I already sail with. It is not that all clients are angels, there was some difficult weeks, but comparing to what is coming, they were all babies.

We were talking a little bit, but in one moment I had a very uncomfortable sensation. They started to talk to me as the know all my life, even some old you tube movie, which I posted ages ago and figured out that they have spied through everything they could possible look for about me, I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother would call me and tell me that someone called her and asked about my childhood and early life. Ha ha.

It was disturbing, but the moment when I went to my cabin and by the way, they had 4 children with them that could have enjoy the bunk bed cabin, but no, they gave me the bunk bed cabin and I am barely to fit that bed, not even able to turn around, they told me the story about their captain in Greece, who will occasionally jump in this story as I do share his grief.

I did not mention it till now, but those two weeks we had a heat strike in Croatia and in 38 years of my life I do not remember the weather like that. I managed to squeeze my self in the upper bunk to be at least a little bit close to the window. I did not want to leave my door open as I was afraid that the Jebs will spend the night on my door just looking at me sleeping, but anyway, I could not sleep. I took a book that I had, as I remember one of the Jan Guillou trilogy and between words from the book I would be fascinated and look at the pores on my body as they would launch little bubbles of sweat in milliseconds. At one point, this modern days barometer, thermometer and alarm clock (all in one) started to ring and I went to get it in the galley.

When I brought it to my room it was showing 36 degrees Celsius.

Have a good night :) and see you next time!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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