Sailing with Jeb’s family (Part 2, Gay is O.K.)

ACI Trogir

It was just the ordinary Saturday like any other. The guests from previous week have left and hopefully the whole day was there to spend on laundry, maybe a short trip to Split or just sit down, drink coffee and relax what we skippers do the best as a big part of our job is sitting and roasting on the sun and have a chit chat with whomever has the time. In Dalmatia you will always find someone who will have the time.

For those who do not sail, a quick explanation. Even if sailing is considered to be a sport, for sure it is the only sport where if allowed you can sit, drink and even smoke, so just imagine any other sport where you would be able to do so. Maybe chess!

The day went as it did and I will remember it for the waitress that has been working there for years now. I was sitting alone and enjoying my hamburger with chips when a group of good looking lads came in and set on the table beside mine. Even if my orientation is straight, and if any of it is left anyway, I have to admit that the boys were in top shape, which most of the female population have recognized the very moment they had appeared.

The waitress was among that population and as the true Damatian woman easily shows what she thinks, it was quite obvious that she was attracted by them.

The conversation went somewhat as follows:

What is such a nice group of boys doing here? — said the waitress

We came for a sailing vacation and are heading for Hvar.-one of the lads replied

A group of such a handsome boys will have the time of their life, the girls will go crazy for you and you will get a bunch over there! -waitress said

And what about boys?-one of them asked

What about boys?-the waitress asked

Will there be any boys there for fun? -one of them asked

Just a random photo

The waitress looked and asked each one of them what do you prefer and 5 out of six said boys and the last was quite shy and undetermined but faced with already disappointed waitress replied “well, both”.

The waitress turned around, walked in the restaurant and with a loud shout that almost whole Trogir could hear screamed:

In the name of the God, they are all fags outside”.

Well, only in Dalmatia!

Most of the people do not have anything against any kind of sexuality in Croatia and consider it to be the choice and a free will of any individual and I am proud to be a part of that group and not a group of a very few but extremely primitive people that do exist in Croatia and our first love parades in Split have shown those monkeys. Although, like anyone else I did give it some thought and the best explanation, if looking at the wider picture, which I could think off is, well, maybe nature is fed up by humans, if I would be nature I would certainly be and if we all end up in the same gender relationships, then it is bye bye for “the wise” Homo, called Sapiens, even what we have shown, the better name would be Homo Stupidus, that fits quite well for the modern man, evolved from Sapiens to Stupidus. Hahahaha, I just made myself lough.

Well anyway, there were still no sign from Jebs and it was close to charter closing hours. The office girl said that she would close and I was even happy till some extent as a day without the sea, sometimes really feels good. In a long run, I do not want to live without the sea, but to be honest, sometimes I hate the bastard.

All the charter personnel had finished, we were sitting having beer, it was past 09:00 p.m. (office close time), when I got the call.

Andreas, your guests have arrived and could you please come here as they will drive me crazy?-said the office girl

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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