Reading “successful” articles wont make you successful

We are all searching for a truth, aren’t we? But the truth most often wont be found in the places where we are searching!

When did you for the last time think about yourself and what do you consider to be yourself?

I just started to immediately delete all the articles that are suggested reading, which have a subject on how to be or become successful. What do the authors of such articles are hoping for, do they hope for their own and personal success or they are really trying to help others to become successful?

First of all, we have to think about success, what kind of success we are talking about? The whole world has become hypnotized by the monetary system, and the “note” instead of being a tool has become an object of worship, a delusion!

Take a moment and use your brain, imagine winning the lottery and becoming the millionaire and after all the voyages, all the sandy beaches, all the real-estates, all the spouses, all the material things that are not yours to keep, just ask yourself if they are able to “buy” you happiness.

Now, think about who you are. Think about the little invisible dot in space, a life that has started to build and evolve, think about the time when nothing did matter and now think about the layers of knowledge that built around you. What knowledge do you really want to keep and what knowledge has the “gravitational” pull not allowing you to become everything that you really are, that we all are.

Success is a product, it is a word, the same as rich and poor are, they are not permanent and they are not able to save you.

You are here, you are a success!

It doesn't really matter what world has become and even if it doesn’t seem so, we are all going in a good direction. Things are changing, through a process of trials and errors, but things are different from the ancient, medieval times or even more modern history. All the systems become and parish, and we are still learning to accept our equality as there is everything that is material around us that will make a weak mind unalike others. When it comes to energy, which is the purest essence of all the life on this planet as far as you can dig you wont find the difference, you will find something that we all share and even for the greatest scrooge it is impossible to keep and not to share.

The pressure of being successful is the main factor of not making you successful and if your only goal and key to success is the status of your bank account, you unfortunately will never be a success as the size of the bank account has no limits and something without limits could never satisfy, but can twist and corrupt.

Now, when I have your attention, think about the things you are good at, think about the things you loved as a child, think about the shame you have felt, anger and all of the feelings that are not of your own, think about the illness of mind, think about everything that is not you, but have found a place in you and disables you from personal freedom and growth. Think about yourself, are you a success? If not, then why not?

Why do you hate yourself?

Do you really hate yourself or is it a hate of others that have poisoned you? How many have you poisoned?

The time to act is now!

We are all individuals who think little of ourselves and this is why we are sitting still in one place, eating ourselves and not reacting. The time has come to stand up! Make the difference as it is you and me that will make the difference. It is time that wicked man become good again. It is time that order, justice and righteousness is felt around the world on the wings of beautiful equality.

Finally it is all between love and hate, plus and minus, high peaks and low peaks, between life and death.

The only success is pure balance and balance you will find deep inside yourself.

Maybe not now, maybe not ever you could understand, but you will remember this words. If you do understand, then you are ready to do wonderful things.

The success lies in revelation and it has to be your personal revelation and even if there are a lot of beautiful and enlightened teachers, that have started to appear for the last 5000 years, they alone can not make the impact on the week and misguided. You have to start first and then find further wisdom from others and share that wisdom with others.

After a while you will start noticing what success is and it is the only one which will bring you joy and happiness.

Thank you for reading.


Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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Andreas Vilic

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!