Many new books, publications or articles just rise on the wisdom of others and we have a repetition and long stories without a fresh idea and there is a constant need for approval which is usually found among the authors idols, so I won’t be quoting any words or verses of wisdom from any philosopher or a religious idols as we had enough of that.

If we take an honest approach, we can say that roughly 95% of the world population and in 95% of the time, doesn’t think about philosophy or religion.

It is very important to mention this because the small percentage that is involved in any of the mentioned is not whatsoever different, more capable or simply put, better than other people, it is only that both “sciences” were reserved for those who stood out and force their way as privileged.

As in the past it continues today that one is always trying to denigrate, depreciate another and I can’t get rid of the sense of a childish need to prove at any cost and to call out for every potential oversight, lapse or nonsense, while the simple truth is that there is none that is capable to offer a satisfying answer to the questions that are asked.

For millenniums both groups of great thinkers are thinking over and reasoning the answers, bombarding themselves with coherent and incoherent questions, life, what it essentially is, is on the move, always changeable and evolves with us and within us.

Those who have placed themselves in a privileged position by lies and deception are not used to hard work, life crisis, but from their comfortable nests look at it with hatred and despise, finding it suitable for lower “classes” , devaluate life just by thought and finally they “work” so hard to reason and understand.

Philosophers don’t differ so much from the ordinary citizens these days, but the system (monetary) does put them in a class which can afford the studies and enable them to develop in a different way than most of the other people and it is a great challenge not to consider people around them as simple-minded, which is not true and even if deceived by it as strength it is a great weakness. But unlike religion, philosophers should be worried about the stupidity of the modern world, where the main ideal to the level of a personal religion is money, the product of the civilization, the plague, for which everybody will do everything and they will never have enough. Except for philosophers, who will have to try to find a way to pay for their bills as they do represent an individual ideal, unlike the church, that will always parasitize.

The bare thought that for more than 3000 years we have different examples of wisdom from which we drain conclusions, over and over again, interpretation of ideals with a free will and construct of the new ones, only refers to eternal confusion and both philosophy and religion cannot consider themselves real and competitive because of its exceptional volatility and inconsistency.

It is clear that both sides in a different way are trying to realize and get to a conclusion, to offer answers, provide comfort, but aren’t they the one who have done the opposite?

If there wouldn't be religion and philosophy, what would be left?

Just try to think about it for a minute and in as close scale that you can, don’t look at the worldwide picture, but even then you may find peace and joy as a product or maybe chaos.

It is funny if you have read some of the great philosophers, how their verses my even appear as retarded, but philosophers are here to find the profound and “deeper” meaning…. I mean, “I think, therefore I am”, just imagine someone coming and saying “No, you are not!”. Would he cry “mama”?

So, let’s be simple because simplicity is beautiful. You can look at yourself and you may realize that you are running on something. What no one can argue about is that we are all given life, created from a spark, an invisible force that kept our bodies alive and built them. Think about that force, you are able to sense it, everyone is and it is not God it is Life.

The problem of modern religions is that they need to have a “father”,a person that they will bring closer to the people and promise us , well frankly bullshit, a fairy tale that even young can not buy today and I may call it dangerous as it leaves a believer in a deep, deep abyss when the final days are coming closer and the disappointment and depression of a life time spent following a fairy tale is quite painful, but only if you are left with nothing, like Nietzsche was, you could lose your mind.

Searching for the meaning that you refuse or can not understand is a dangerous path.

The freedom of mind and thought is something that each and one of us possess and our mind alone is capable to beat and overcome all fears, as they are all conceit and therefore nonexistent. As long as philosophy and religion are in comfort and salvation business they do represent the industry of lies, deceit and finally our greatest fears.

The truth is everywhere around us, it lies in life and nature from whom we have not only retreated, but falsely elevated. Elevated to the space of fabrication, lies, and nihility. It is not a wonder that it is impossible to believe, find comfort. How to find it, where is nothing?

To use a religious terminology, but in a contradictory way: “The son can not exalt above his father, he can only be equal and one with him”.

That is the only truth, without a fantasy. To accept equality, the energy of creation and the value of life in everything that we may consider alive or dead, wherever there is movement, from electron to galaxies, who are we to rise above it all?

We refuse the idea of equality, even with life, nature and other forms of life and finally among ourselves.

Evolution has granted us with progress and the result is that a human have decided to abandon life and nature and then started to try very hard to comprehend something that he abandoned.

I do want to apologize to philosophers and religious institutions, as I would apologize to clowns if the subject of my writing could offend them in any way and one who can be offended deserves an apology.

The main aim is to write articles that are easy to read and understand and while all great religions and philosophies are patting on their backs when calling their texts difficult and how would they not be if they are subjected by confusion? What answers could you possibly pull from confusion and deviance?

While all are trying to guide you to the path of aspiration, toward religion, idea, capital, etc. your life is becoming a slave of false values and ideals and the modern world we live in will leave humans striped from honest satisfactions, swapped by lies, deceit, and pretense.

Every person has his path, his reality, his life and one should always keep an utmost trust in him or herself and to the person next door, because this is the closest reality that you have.

What are the capabilities of a modern human? When the food that we eat, we don’t really know where is it coming from, the children are learning about the animals from flat screens and television. And what is the difference in the life of an ordinary human today from a caged and fattening chick?

While all religions are deceptions and have a use for unifying and mass control, which is partially even a noble cause, but just partially I repeat and superficially, the philosophy which was stripped of dignity at one point is trying for a long time just to strike back, to devalue religion and to place it in the same position. They both have the same fear, to become humiliated by vertiginous cycles of human reasoning. And they are the one that found themselves called upon to do the teaching of life, while life is not to be taught it is to be lived.

What can philosophy or religion say about the human? Nothing true!

Human, in general, is very easy to deceive, manipulate and misguide. While consumed with imaginary supremacy by both philosophers and religion the fact of the true picture is neglected. How does the human lives? The “pale” man still continues to spread inequality and hatred, while the “dark” man remains somewhat primitive and underdeveloped throughout the planet and constantly obliging to the “pale” in desperation to become as such. What is the greatest product of the “pale” in 21st., why it is work, we have exported real work and become pencil-necks, salesman and office clerks, making much more and given credit by spreading the word, then the people that actually produce and work.

That is the irony and finally, the decadence of a modern society, that the high rising standards couldn't preserve work and production and this one we can not blame on a church, this one will go on the account of philosophy.

So, to repeat, who is the modern human, what is the modern human and where is the human at all? If not in religious textbooks and heads of individuals, where is this superiority? Life in an ever-spreading lie.

To put it very simply, the modern human, locked in his little or large hen’s cage, depending on the monetary status, will during hot summer days recreate the spring in Canada and during harsh winter months, walk around in his short sleeves like it is an enjoying summer night in St. Tropez.

I do expect that a lot of people won’t agree with my writing and will remain in a belief that human as collective does need illusions and deceptions because the general belief is that humanity is incapable to bare the simple facts of life. And the simple facts are “who we are?” and “where we are?”.

We long for fabrications and fantasies, while the most beautiful and neglected fantasy is the reality!

As the children of life, we are on a constant move to unknown destination, carrying life and energy as it took shape on our planet in everything that surrounds us.

On this journey, we have to make a decision on two simple choices, life and love or hatred, and death.

The history and the present are still pointing on the second choice!

Philosophy and religion do finally agree on some points and questions, while they come apart in greater ones. When religion will say Thou shalt not kill, the philosophy will follow, but when any will call to arms and killing for a “greater” purpose, both will comply. So will the society. When most of modern religions will say Thou shall have only one true God, the modern philosophy will say Thou will have no Gods.

The final conclusion is that humans have evolved, that we learned a lot, but the question for the race, in general, is “Have we really become smarter?”. We fly in airplanes, sit and drive in cars, we have substituted caves with buildings, but the truth seems that we remained that wild and primitive “monkeys” and I want to apologize to monkeys as they are our closest and primitive relative, but the fact is that in a monkey world the stupidity doesn’t sum up to the level of human greed and selfishness.

I do encourage you to think about how things are working, in which direction we are heading, in which way we are moving and what is happening around you on this planet.

To remain consistent to the opening of this article, I will add the verses of an “Old play”, as the author is unknown and my opinion in this point irrelevant, I call upon you to rethink about its words:

Please accept my apology for any grammar or literal mistakes as English is not my first language. Thank you!

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