MUDAM Luxembourg -the museum of light

It has been 8 years since my last visit to MUDAM Luxembourg, what the receptionist asked me while buying the tickets, and it was beautiful to return. As my French is quite poor and my listening of any language sometimes even worse I gave to the man 50 EUR and when he repeated something that sounded like sixty I was thinking “my god, this will probably be my last visit” and started to search for another 10 EUR in my wallet. Before my imagination took me even further, the receptionist realized and with a clear voice said “sixteen” EUR. Which is a fair price for two tickets and available to a lot of the world population.

I always like to think that “Lux “ in the name Luxembourg stands for light and even though eight years ago Luxembourg was far from being a city of light, the global weather changes did him a great favor of becoming one.

I did my best not to capture all the moments and sights in the museum, living room for my personal experience and not revealing all to potential readers that wants to visit the museum one day

The first installation that I had a pleasure of seeing was the art of Katinka Bock, named Tomorrow’s Sculpture .

While walking “through” her installation I thought to myself and realize that it is not up to me to understand the art where I found myself, but to experience the space and make it personal for me and to make my own understanding and leave the author’s understanding for herself.

Anyway, I did get a miniguide later where it is stated that Katinka’s work is to develop sculptural practice closely bound up with questions of space, time, and material.

“Made with materials such as clay, stone, wood, copper and bronze, Katinka Bock’s sculptures are the outcome of simple gestures which can be directly read in the final form of the work: folding, rolling up, marking, making an imprint, finding a balance, falling, etc.” — Mudam’s Miniguide

As I mentioned before, it is about experience. The author maybe had something else to say about the two spinning gramophone plates, but for me the idea of Grateful Dead and Jethro Tull playing simultaneously crossed my mind, so I may say the idea of cooperation.

A hanging fish…..

….. counter weighted by the clay bowl might tell to some people about overfishing the seas and oceans. Pulling the bowl will effect the other side! Overfishing is very popular where I come from, a small country on the Adriatic Sea, but it is not us that are doing it, the Italian fisherman are and while there were already the studies that around 30% of the fish fond is left, they just don’t care and neither do Japanese people where more than 70% is exported. Well, one day my Japanese friends, you will have to change your diet. But again, this installation could be a reminder to many people and about many things.

In 2006, Wim Delvoye’s “Chapelle” was installed, which is a small chapel unlike any other you might have seen.

At first, any form of Christians would be impressed as it really stand out in the space of modern, on the other hand….

….. the stained glass might surprise them…….or even tell them to

Hm, anyway I did take my time to relax on the peace of art as I was invited to and my ass certainly made an impact on one of the four minimalist, but modern furniture design

There were other interesting peaces which prompted me to different angles of photography of which I actually know very little about.

But there must be a reason why and how Katinka’s peaces want to enter a lens.

The time was running out as I had other appointments to attend and while walking through the room where human body is dissected on the walls

I did notice a corridor

and at first I thought that it is a dead end. I came in to the room that was almost pitch black, but my curiosity was stronger and took me to the curtain that was barely visible as the trench of the faded light was falling on it, and took me to the next room. There were no security or museum personnel there and it did cross my mind how many people enter the museum, but never find this place, either because of the lack of adventurism or fear of the dark, but I am sure that many do miss it.

We found ourselves in the dark room with a lot of interesting displays.

Insects and constellations….it makes you wander!

Anyway the last room probably would trigger a panic attack among some population, which never managed to get rid of the fear of the dark.

I did write in some of my articles about the balance, about the beauty of light and the beauty of dark and that there is nothing intelligent in separating them as evil and good. We are born from the darkness of our mother’s wombs and we drift through endless vastness of darkness while enjoying the great balance of light and darkness, where we experience in the light and recuperate and rest in the dark. And anyways, light will show the horrors of our world, while the darkness will keep them hidden and out of sight.

There is nothing evil about either of them and from those scared of the dark I would just ask to close their eyes, nothing frightening there, is there? Or maybe there is? You find it, it’s in your head!

We had to run then as it was time to go home and wait for my daughter as it is time now to go and pick up the other, but for the end I just took a photo of an interesting installation outside the museum.

I commented how it is funny to see animals presented in a human like pose, which we would call as the missionary position and my company commented how even in nature the domination of man is present, which triggered my thinking. And even though the position demonstrates the domination of a male deer, the position is quite unnatural for animals and again when looking at the humans, many times the females are in the dominating position over man, so I considered the comment out of it’s place, especially as I don’t find these poses as the matter of domination when it comes, well at least to me, instead the matter of will. I think everybody from time to time should just lay back and enjoy the ride. Hahahah.

Thank you for reading and for taking the walk through MUDAM Lux and a portion of my mind.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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