Mental infections

Andreas Vilic
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Before I go any further, I want to take some time for those that will start thinking about a “bunch of bollocks”, a”piles of crap” or anything similar while reading this article and a special thank you to those that will take time to diagnose me with conditions such as retard, imbecile, moron or any other type of mental condition that until now any of my doctors did not found out, on the other hand I will congratulate you, as you have found your first mental infection. So, CONGRATULATIONS!

As much evolved and we may even call it sophisticated a human brain may appear it is subjected to infections and I will later explain of what kind. While most of the people these days are worried about different types of infections, such as parasites, bacterias, viruses, funguses or any other kind of “unwanted” life forms or forms on the edge of what we may consider living or the unliving world which may or may not appear as a threat, most of the people will react, such as: “Please give a prescription for antibiotics”. Even if all doctors are warning for decades now, for what kind of treatments the antibiotics are used, most will neglect these warnings.

A quick lesson. Antibiotic comes from two words, “Anti” which means against and “Biotic” which comes from the Greek word “Bios” and Bios is life. So you do not have to be extra smart to connect those to and realize that you are stuffing yourself with something that so openly presents itself as against the life.

However, I won't go any further in epidemiology as this article is about something far more serious than small lifeforms or forms we may not see as alive. It is about mental infections and mental infections are quite specific only for the human race as they come in a form of information to be developed as thoughts.

The short definition of a thought may look like this “ an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind”

To follow up, as people these days like some other authors to be sucked into any written material, I decided to use some of the wisest:

To learn without thinking is fruitless;

To think without learning is dangerous!

Confucius, 551–479 BCE

Again, as there are microorganisms which we consider good and those we may consider evil, so can our thoughts be.

To describe this path of infection, I will have to go far, far back and deep down in the conscience of every living human being. It is somewhat useful to compare people with computers, but otherwise, I do not like this kind of comparison as human beings are not batteries neither computers as we have far less capability to accumulate before we get broken, to clarify further, broken by an accumulation of dangerous thoughts. Sometimes, even one can be sufficient to do a serious damage.

I have already written in previous articles about the moments of creation and I won't write further about that, however, our moments of creation start with an innocence and basic instincts. We continue with our harvest of different types of materials to built our bodies and later given birth by our beautiful mothers, just to become a memory drive that will be filled with a different kind of nonsense.

Now, I do not think that all men (under men I consider both female and male, just to be sure) have the same amount of this nonsense to absorb, as when I look from my example, I felt disgusted from an early age about any form of nationalism, religion, or separation of any kind between men, even though I come from a small country with a strong national spirit and all the teachings that were tried, and by trying I mean tried hard to implement in my “underdeveloped” little conscious mind. We may refer to it as brainwashing, while instinct, even in such an empty mind is refusing these ideas as true or such.

The evolution of men and development of the ancient, modern or any other types of thought came with pieces of information and each has always found a place to reside within a complex organ we call the brain and this informations can be triggered by different situations which will result in changes within our behaviour.

When we approach this issue from the individual standpoint, it will do a little damage, nonrelevant as we may see to it, however, when the individual get the delusion of supremacy, that singular mental infection can result in an epidemic widespread as we had a lot of examples from our “Magistra Vitae”, our history.

If you have a hard time following, just think how many brains were triggered by the influence of all the infamous, which were in the lust for power, immortality, deluded as higher beings, beings of change. You are thinking right. Considered evil or good, they all had something in common and that is the influence. Sargon of Akkad, all the Pharaohs, Chinese dynasties emperors, old Americas tribes, kings and queens of Europe, Mao Ce-Tung, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, J.F. Kennedy, Josip Broz Tito, Fidel Castro, the list can go most likely forever. What they all had in common? Placing arms in the hands of deluded and sending them to fight, to butcher, to kill, to die.

And they all failed to realize that in any kind of battle, even in one we may to refer as good vs. evil, the outcome will always be with evil as a victor.

Easily by following history books, if you already have not found romance in epic battles, defeats and/or victories, for a curious mind will discover that the whole thing is about the “Path of hatred”. Unlike any religion’s “good book” will teach, the mental infection of hatred is implemented in our basic roots of existence.

If we think about humans, to skip every single mental infection that we carry in our minds, even if they are accepted as right in almost all the modern societies they don't have to be true, correct or right in the terms of righteousness. When we think about our bodies, the society will try to make you shy of it and to hide your naked body as inappropriate behavior, while all other life forms (except the poor metrosexual puppies) will be naked and nothing to be ashamed of, however, human, if not some “went from his mind” artist gets naked, then it is a performance and while a “normal” person does it, straight to the straitjacket you go.

Anybody with at least a basic knowledge of Sigmund Freud’s work will know about the sexuality, which became so popular after many years of restrictions among ordinary man, as he is to “discover” and discover again a human behaviour, as it was lost for centuries and at the time considered provocative. Everything was considered provocative because a small part of the world, the educated one were so uptight in rasing that most of the things were done in gloves, both figuratively and physically and the birth of different codexes appeared, restricting humans from varieties of personal freedoms. Mental infections again.

Looking biologically and learning from the world that surrounds us, as it is the only world we belong to and from which we are able to learn from, elected from all other species in the animal kingdom, the human is the most invasive when it comes to reproduction. And while Sigmund Freud and different psychologists will call it sexuality, it is still a simple drive, an instinct for reproduction and when the survival of the fittest will come as subject, the human has lost the fittest, long time ago.

What has the wise human created, the most powerful disease, information? The word, a thought, a virus far more dangerous than the virus which is arriving with formulas. A sign on the cigarette box “Smoking causes cancer”, no it doesn't, the sign on the box and the idea, the mental infection of it does. If it would, my late grandmother would not be an exception, smoking 4 packs a day for more than 50 years, until she was 89 years of age, with no sign of any form of cancer after the abduction took place. Why she did not get it, because she was simple, did not go to the doctors, did not care about much of the nonsense surrounding her, just a pure simplicity.

We all have to take into account what we do with our bodies, sitting miserable, filled with those infections will make us sick, as most of the sickness comes from the inside, not the outside. Nature is outside, space is outside, everything to be admired too. The depts of our minds are infinite as space is, neverending and there is nothing interesting in that. Pure and complete boredom, however, searching for intruders in our psyche is an amusing process, as there are so many of them rooted in, we may even write a new dictionary of these infectives or false believes.

When you feel distressed about something, try not to think about that something that is making you distressed, try to think why is it making you distressed. Where and when did you learn such a behaviour?

If you have children, learn from them, if not, learn from your friend's children. Learn about the basic instinctive behaviour. It is a sad world when you learn to understand and understanding is causing so much pain. It means you really do not understand anything. You have been infected!

My least favourite topic is about something that made so much trouble in a daily life, in the psyche, and in the well being of a modern man. It is the wealth, it is the money. I like to describe money as a tool, as the genuine idea about money was just as simple as that. Many people have it, even more, don't have it. However, all the studies have shown that having money won't make you happy, but those who don't have it wouldn't mind trying their luck to have it and to see where it will take them. The ones that have it are run on a drive to have more and piling more and more I like to compare to the brand new peace of pliers that you will keep in your drawer never to be used and it creates a lack of funds, destabilization of the imaginary monetary system and a general discontent.

The world is run by oldfashioned principles, it is a slave-driving system in disguise, with the major mental infection in action. The greed! Mental infections directly influence your intelligence, your rationality and they make you an automated program and by the time you realize that you may be dying because you have been dying.

My personal prescription is a physical one, as the mental comes with the truth and the truth is something personal for each to discover.

If you manage, you have been infected positively. Find some private time, learn and learn to question everything new that you learn, but try to learn something new each day. For instance, when sailing back to Trogir, I counted how many windmill generators are visible from the sea, I counted 16 and that is my truth and something new which I have learned.


We are evolving every day in every moment, what is behind us is what we have evolved from, what is in the moment, it is evolution, what will become is what we will evolve to. So, very simple. Take a day, make the maximum amount of push-ups, abs, squat, divide it by two, rest for a day or two as the maximum will cause a muscle fever. When you feel alright, do the half and each day, for four days add “one” to your exercise, then rest for three days, if possible with fasting for one whole day. Other days you may eat or drink what you want. Eat a lot of minerals, find out about brain food. Keep in mind that glucose is the only food for the brain and Kalium is most important for brain functions. Strong advice, even water in too large amounts may kill you. When you reach your maximum, go on a vacation and do absolutely nothing at all. When you recuperate, make another test about your maximum, divide it in half and start all over. Do it with as many sports you like.

Sport is personal, the movement is life!

Discover and practice new things.

Find your balance. You are self-sufficient, we all are.




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