Living your life or dying your life…choice please?

If there is no beginning, how can we fear then about the end?

What has not begun,

Can not even end!

Some people will ask, some people will think “what makes you an expert to write about this stuff?”. Well, first of all I am not, at least I don’t consider myself to be one.

I have the urge to write and maybe the fact that I died before even being born (many thanks to reanimation team in Zagreb, 1980, Zaiceva hospital, to give me the opportunity to live), death of my best friend Miroslav when I was 21 or a daylong sitting and witnessing the moment of my father’s death from cancer at his age of 57. I was around death, quite a bit, so that is the story about dying.

The story about living, I will honestly write a book about it, as growing up during the war in Zagreb and even worse after the war, witnessing the creation of my country and vultures which have ripped her apart is a long, long story and I don’t want to mix politics with living.

Living and dying?

Most of the people on this planet should ask themselves, why the need to save lives (your own or others) which we will then consciously or unconsciously destroy?

A lung cancer survivor that continued smoking or a usual smoker that would run after the bus and after he catches it and thinks panting “I really should stop smoking”, a liver transplant case that continued drinking or any alcoholic that lies himself about being moderate, while this moderation leads to aggression and violence, a drug addict whose every time is the last time until the people that care about him won’t stay above his body for the last time or a depressed spouse taking pill after pill, after pill while avoiding the real issues of her/his misfortune.

Most of the people will do whatever it takes to save their lives, but when they do, they will continue with killing themselves.

The most frequent answer which I have got is “you only live once, so why not enjoy it!”

I would like to analyze and question the above statement. How do we exactly enjoy while we are consuming substances which we know that are bad for us, that are lowering our life capabilities and capacities and tie us in the most unpleasant way, with addiction?

Life is as much difficult as we imagine it difficult and beautiful how beautiful we want it to be!

The main part of the question I would like to direct to “live once”. I would really like to meet the genius that said it first, to explain me more closely how and where did he get that revelation as a fact.

The only thing we can be sure off is that nothing is for sure!

That is the beauty of living. And even if I quote Descartes “I Think, Therefore I Am!” could trigger me to analyze. If we consider “think” as a product of thought as something subjective and unspecified, it may also be incorrect.

“I think, therefore I am!” could easily be “I think, therefore I am not!”

More suitable statement would be I know, therefore I am or simply I know that I am!

There is too much of uncertainty in thoughts, and even though thinking did grant us with civilization evolution and prosperity, where did it leave us on the spiritual plan?

We do have the power of creating whatever we think of. Just imagine a kid with a drone piloting a hundred years ago! How would the people react? Everything is possible!

But we are doing to our planet, what a smoker is doing to himself! The auto destruct mode.

Exactly that “the spiritual” makes the difference in our life between living or dying.

So, we only live once? Is this the reason that we shouldn't be moderate? But later we will cry like all that cry on their death beds? Why was I like that to myself, to my family, to others?

A word of advice. Without a question, always begin from yourself. First that you have to ask yourself is if you are honest, just, kind and loving toward yourself?

Are you?

Do you want to know your limits or you just want to impress someone else?

Why do you feel jealousy, anger, rage, bigotry, uncertainty, …………?

It is because you are disturbed and out of balance! It is because you don’t know how to live, but have become an expert for dying.

So you may ask, “Well, how can I learn to live?”

It is simple, learn to love yourself!

As I consider everything happens with a reason, this quote found me by accident and who am I to neglect it?

Thank you for reading!



Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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Andreas Vilic

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!