Little revelations

Andreas Vilic
2 min readAug 13, 2020


08. April 2020 — ‘Guilt’ — If you don’t blame yourself for being a human being, most surely you will be condemned by others

08. April 2020 — ‘Politics’ — One can celebrate the sun, the sea, the wind and instantly could curse them all; however, politicians can not be celebrated, nor cursed, because cursed they already are

10. April 2020 — ‘Reality’ — Reality is what it is, while illusions are a form of understanding reality

15. April 2020 — ‘Lost in patterns’ — The world is as it is. The only way of freedom is to avoid following its patterns; however, it is a lonely place to be, but potentially better than being lost within them

19. July 2020 — ‘Drunk’ — When drunk it is better to walk uphill

22. August 2020 — Experts’- When generalising about ‘all the people’, one should ask him/herself how many people does he/she knows

22. August 2020 — ’ The word’In the beginning, there was a word, and the word was a lie

26. August 2020 — ’ Truth’- Every truth you may know, can easily be a lie

26. August 2020 — ’ Bad people’ — The easiest way to recognise bad people is by their smiling faces

26. August 2020 — ’ Religion’ — If your spouse is making you go to church every Saturday or Sunday, then you have a terrible spouse and religion

26. August 2020 — ’ Levels’ — Only one level of existence can be found in that level

31. August 2020 — ‘Freedom’ — All matter has the nature of free motion; however, the matter cannot avoid acting on each other, and a change in the direction of motion occurs. So it is with thoughts. The question, then, is whether movement, like thought, is ever free

31. August 2020 — ’ Vision’ — Blue skies are never clear, nor white, nor grey. Only the black skies can be clear

12. September 2020 — ‘Emotions’ — Emotions are the most profound state of mental slavery. Through social interactions, observation and learning, from an early age, human beings are exposed to emotions. Therefore, specific events are a trigger for emotional reactions; however, these reactions are learned and copied from different examples that are part of the behavioural inheritance.

14. September 2020 — ‘Love’ — If one has love to give, that love should not be conditioned. The men who experience a tremendous amount of love, within there is an equal amount of hatred

14. September 2020 — ‘Emotions’ — Emotions should be acknowledged, processed, understood and then used

18. Septembre 2020 — ‘Love’ — Love can be inevitable or coincidental

19.Septembre 2020 — ‘Language’ — Petty outcomes which could be accomplished by words, can or cannot be achieved



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