Jesus Christ was not a “ big deal”.

I have decided to write an article with such a stupid title because it seems that ridiculous claims get all the attention.
There is a particular fact to be addressed to, and I have chosen Jesus; however, I could have easily chosen Muhammad, Buddha, Zarathustra or any other great man which I hold with the highest regard and I will try to keep it short and straightforward.

In many ways, we are limited, and we do our best to find solutions for our limitations, wings to fly, springs to jump, oxygen bottles to dive, etc. We have become masters in different ways of overcoming difficulties and restrictions nature has placed upon us. However, there is this one thing that seems so hard for human beings to accept or to overcome. It is a matter of equality.

Why Jesus was not a big deal?

Like many other great men, he was born in a specific place as any other man or women would be, and during his life (his final years notably) he managed to spread a particular influence, which became widespread after he was long gone.

What is the meaning in all this you may be asking?

I could not say with certainty if Jesus claimed that he is the son of the God, as we all are, or if he really thought that he is the only son of God, if not the God himself. The first statement would be the greatest statement of all, as it suggests equality and the second would be the craziest of them all (find a person who would claim it today and as what he would be considered) as it suggests inequality.

Now, use your mind and travel back to that time or the time of any of the “great man”. Place yourself in a different country or on a different continent even. It would probably happen that during their lifetime, you would not even know about their existence, their wisdom or their faith.
We had discovered a tribe in Amazon, so remote, that they can not be sure when or if the contact was established and we may ask them what they think about any of these wise men.

Does it mean that they are less present in life because they are not aware of the great and wise men or even demi-gods or gods as we may call them? No! They have the same footprint as we all do.

What I am trying to suggest is that we are all present and equal on this planet through things we are aware of, and that surround us all and are noticeable by all (e.g. the blue sky, the stars on the black atmosphere, oceans, nature, life). However, very unequal in the delusions of our minds.

Those delusions result in inequalities.
I have come across with so many stubborn people that were ready, even aggressively, to defend their point of views. Would it be political, religious or any other deluded point, a simple question “How do you know…?” would result in confusion or attempt to describe something that they actually don’t know, but have learned and the way how they have learned it will depend on how they will react when confronted. Some would describe their delusions with a smile and tender words, while others would become angry and yell.

In the end, these are all week attempts to belong to something and not to belong to everything.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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