It could help you to stop feeling sorry for yourself

  1. Grow what you eat

For instance, eat an avocado fruit, but plant the seed.

2. Give a little bit of yourself

If you enjoy a tasty bloody steak, give a drop of blood to a mosquito, it is not much, instead of killing it.

3. Create or move

Doing nothing, causes a mind to drop into the depressive mood with the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness. Our bodies are beautiful instruments of life, use it! Write, paint, exercise, talk, walk, run, the list could be incredible.

4. Experience

Do not be afraid of emotions and do not block them. Let yourself go and experience! Introspect every emotion.

5. Joy and anger

Joy has nothing to do with luck and anger has nothing to do with hatred.

6. Question everything

We are like a book or a memory drive and most of our reactions are a result of false ideas and learnings, so question every behavior, every reaction, find where is it coming from.

7. Instincts

Trust them, however, be sure that they are instincts!

8. Pray

Just pray, without a focus on a higher being. Pray to yourself as divinity lies in a spark, which is a part of all of us.

9. Live

…. as life is beautiful. Find your fears and question them, they may all lead to death, which is a major part of life, not something to despise. Despising death will lead to despising life.

10. Truth

Everything resides in darkness, everything is created from darkness. It is the mother of life, of light, of creation. We are visual beings and what we do not see, we refuse to notice or understand and even grow hostility towards it. Even light as it travels through space will have shelter within it. Find your truth, it is worth finding!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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