We struggle, every living human being is forced to fight, however it depends which side one will choose, the side of life or the side of illusion.

There or no exceptions, from the happiest person you may know, to the saddest, from the richest to the poorest, from the monk vowed to celibacy to the porn star, we all share the same drive and that drive is life.

Life occurs naturally, it is a constant flow, a line as I have previously explained, perfect and pure and it rests in all of us and drives us all. Life itself evolves through us all, and by all I mean all the living and non-living things on the planet and in space, however with humans life did get something that is not known to have had before…a conscience. Life grows, as everything grows, it is an omnipresent invisible force in need of elements to take a form, from the most simple atoms to the largest living being known, which is a fungus Armillaria solidipes.

The conscience which evolved in humans, left humans confused and with confusion, illusions came. Life in illusion is far more difficult than the life of truth, the life of life. Everything that we know, we have placed on the scale, we gave relations, values to everything and everyone, it is a sad, sad life we are living.

I have seen so many people in search for the truth, climbing mountains, sailing sees, crossing deserts and it still amazes me what a lost soul will do to find itself again, while the thing that it is searching for is always in a grasp.

Solitude, it is the only place you will find yourself, your true self. It won’t force you to smile, it won’t force you to cry and after a while, you will stop pretending to yourself.

The only thing that you have to do is to sit down, close your eyes and say “I am”, there is nothing to think, there is nothing to know. The power of “I” will exclude your limbs, will exclude your body and you will feel the existence and that existence is the only real truth and guess what it is life. And when you realize that, you will realize that everything is the same as you are.

When it comes to words, this is as much and maybe too much to be written about it, however when it comes to illusions, the beauty, the heights, the depths, all the fears, the hatred, and everything else a deluded mind can create, we have a human race and I refuse to write about that further as everything is known and extra credit to it, will not get us anywhere new.


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