If we would find a signal and an intelligent specie that has evolved to level for decent communication, at least it would be funny to watch our world leaders or representatives how they would represent us. Hahaaa, it makes me laugh only thinking about it. We could brag about the small amount of people making great discoveries and science or people with moral values, seems to be shortage of those again, not to speak what we are doing to this planet, but one thing is for sure, with a single beep, all the differences on our planet would fall in a second plan as we would get something new to be different from. Just a short reminder for the readers, we have been killing ourselves for more than 15000 years (on the account of difference) as we know approximately when the first conflict was recorded, but we have discovered technology and landed on the moon only 50 years ago! The question is, will our limited brilliancy save us or will someone find us one day as fossil fuel or even worse, will we trigger the forces such as the theory of “Big Bang”?

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