I am not sure if I would agree on this one. Your advice is not to give an advice, which brings us to the point where your article is subjective and not really objective in any way. If nobody asks for advice then there is nothing to give anyway, but in this world where people are stressed, distanced from other people more and more, your suggestion is not to be natural and react natural, but compute and analyze before speaking. If you are psychologist, you are professional and your article can apply, but people should not be afraid to speak, even if they would do completely opposite than that would say if “in someone else’s shoes” it is important to say, as this is the process. We are given a brain to think and a mouth to speak, to remain silent would be showing no understanding or interest.

People should grow up and if something that someone said hurts them, they have to think really hard and deep, why is it hurting them?

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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