How (not) to build a country

I have decided to write this article as I have some insights and I have been following different movements through history. I do want to clarify that my intention is not to insult anyone, but some may find themselves offended.

There is a rising number of differences in this world between people and just a major ones are race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. But all of this differences doesn’t really mean anything and most of them are a matter of choices, which are made now or was made long, long time ago.

Main differences which I would point out come in only three conditions and I would name them:

  1. People that are aware and have decided to understand
  2. People that are aware, but have decided not to understand
  3. People that are unaware and the choice of understanding is automatically denied

I will try to simplify my writing the most as I can and will use my own country as a model and an example as the title of this article suites her perfectly, but many of you may still think about it and probably find many similarities to your own countries, would it be from the past times or more modern times.

I was born in Croatia, 11 years before our war for independence started. For those who might not know (there are even some Italians which did not know), Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia.

Since then many things have changed as well as the country slogans did, but I know for sure that I would immediately vote for any that would be similar to:

This is not a joke, this is Croatia!

To continue further, many people refuse to understand the main facts of warfare, as all wars can be avoided of course.

To make it simple, it is all about certain individuals and their elites which want to get in the position of other individuals and their elites. So, out and in, followed by a lot of brainwashing among the people in range from 2–3 previously described.

While for a regular human, a peasant, school professor, writer, drug dealer, etc. nothing ever changes much or it changes to worse after the war,when someone’s husbands and sons are lying dead on the field of battle, those wicked man and their elites are rubbing their hands and waiting to slime all over their wives and daughters.

I remember about four or five years ago, meeting one highly ranked war veteran, who told me a story, which was already quite familiar, but it was nice to receive a confirmation from such person.

He told me shortly: “ When we were fighting the occupier and went after the them to Bosnia, we didn’t realize that we were being infiltrated from the back”, he repeated several times as he was losing it “occupation-infiltration, occupation-infiltration”

That was the story which was happening to them while running after the enemy, but back home for us it was a different story. We can start with the police state. You know that there are secret services and police spies in all the countries of course, well someone should explain how they know when a little boy Milo lights up a joint, but no one knows how tones and tones of all kinds of drugs get in and found their way to the streets of all major cities. Some lousy secret service work? However it did turned out that generations and generations of native Croatians have been lost (dead, imprisoned or simply crazy) by the overflow of drugs that was happening at the time and the same taboo like they are doing now about the number of suicides among war veterans, which like the old retired colonel have troubles looking what they did to the country.

I don’t have to say that all the industry was ruined, bankrupt or sold out, with excuse of the rising standard. Most of the political figures from the time of our country's father Dr. Franjo Tuđman are almost as lost in space and a very few people did answer for any of what was happening in the 90’s. An amazing palliation, even the famous and extraordinary Houdini would applause.

And while the country is thrown like a ping-pong ball from left to the right, almost as it would be agreed and as it is happening in the USA, the majority of the people is getting poorer each year. The only difference between the States and Us is that our left is their right and vice versa.

Quick facts:

  1. Less than 50% exit on the election day
  2. From 4,7 million residents there were not even 1,2 millions employed this January
  3. The ratio between employed and pensioned is very quickly going to 1:1
  4. There is more police employed then in the time of Yugoslavia
  5. Most of the food production and sales came under one concern (Monopoly)
  6. Public sector has much better salaries then the private sector (parasites system)

These are just some of them.

More and more native Croatians are leaving the country as there is no work for them back home, the major party secured it’s position with imported electorate, it seems that we have just lost everything.

Our dead or dying fathers gave their lives for nothing!

The people will have enough, like they always did. While politicians are becoming like a super stars (but ugly, fat and twisted ones), and as the past have the habit to repeat itself, the shit will hit the fan one way or another.

To keep it honest, I love my country as I love every corner of this planet, I love it’s sea, I love it’s mountains and I love most of it’s people, but still the good news is that I don’t hate anybody.

The same as Croatia needs to, also the whole world needs to ask many questions if we are to save ourselves and I would suggest a couple of actions, starting from more simple ones:

  1. Without exceptions (if not emergency operators) all traffic must be stopped in all cities. Further development of public transport, new employment opportunities, most important positive ecological impact. Cars could be stored in the garages outside of the cities (jobs for construction companies) or they can simply be rented when needed. Politicians if they like can drive on a more fancy bicycles.
  2. Decentralization and a return to the farms. Almost everywhere there is a level of animosity towards capital or regional centers. New investments should be considered in a meaning of “from the city to the farm”, to boost ecological production. There are no productions in the cities, just typing and sales. The whole Europe has become a big sales office for a production companies world wide. People are not happy, they are depressed and dying from cancer and other chronicle diseases, did anyone noticed?
  3. Provide education for everyone willing to learn. Regular universities, online studies, etc. can offer decent education to everyone and it doesn’t have to cost 10000 EUR per year. Who can even tell how many potential is lost with all the price tagging of the knowledge?
  4. Reevaluate the monetary system. This is a hard one I know, but the monetary system is shit and if anyone would just show the model of what the monetary system will do to all the people on the planet, I don’t think we will have many happy people. In fact, we don’t have them now!
  5. A thorough and comprehensive test for anyone who wants t be involved in politics. I do think that most of the people everywhere have lost their interest to vote for the people without moral, some even without culture which are by the power of some miracle predestined to run a country or work in a public office and manipulating with public funds. The tests of character and loyalty should be run through series of psychological testing. I don’t think we want lobby driven people, war hungry, little and angry Adolf Hitlers around determining our destiny.
  6. The wisdom of the enlighten. This is the naive part, but our salvation lies in it. For 15000 years there have been conflicts and as we know for more than 3000 years we have had enlightened people, starting from Zarathustra, Moses, Buddha, Aristotle, Jesus, Mohammad and many, many more were propagating peace and we used them to make them different and to fight about the greatness of each one. Absurd, as all humans are, the same but absurd!
  7. Use people, not machines!

I think this would be enough as a starting point, the question is how much of sickness did the greed make? What will you keep from this life and what are you able to take to the next? What kind of world are you leaving behind? What will you tell to yourself on your death bed?

Ask yourself this questions before it is too late.

Thank you again for reading!

Good thoughts, good words and good deeds!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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