• Smart Trading

    Smart Trading

  • Vojislav Charlie Brkan

    Vojislav Charlie Brkan

  • Jim Gillette

    Jim Gillette

    Years of experience in business while also teaching meditation for stress reduction and access to positive shifts in performance and problem-solving. Coach.

  • Petra Getsch

    Petra Getsch

  • Olivier Roland

    Olivier Roland

    Olivier Roland has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. He is currently a blogger, globe-trotter and YouTuber with over 250,000 fans.

  • Brox Baxley

    Brox Baxley

    A self-made businessman, Brox Baxley is an entrepreneur with companies in the landscaping, golf, pool sectors & commercial real estate. http://broxbaxley.net/

  • Eva Valič Keber

    Eva Valič Keber

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