You don’t have to be a genius to realise that very soon we will experience major shifts and problems when it comes to ways of maintaining our Western civilisation and if the financial crisis of 2008 was a serious event, and a heavy shock to financial markets and everything associated with a worldwide monetary system, it could be claimed, in a more public way, “Oh boy, are we going for a ride!”.

What is exactly the plan of all those “Wolves” of the worldwide Wallstreets is publicly unknown and the game that they are playing probably went over their head and intellectual reasoning, however, I am sure that there are some “destined to be extinct” people, which are holding their heads with both hands, shaking in disbelief and thinking about what stupidity really means, while they are turning to religion for the first time in their lives and finding peace in their inner sanctum while doing yoga and thinking of the higher plan and purpose.

To shortly provide some quantitative evidence, and we will use the example of the best pupils in the class, the USA ( In 2009, according to the Guinness book of records, the national debt was around 9 trillion USD and we all remember the “crisis”, but the most genius approach did lead to a significant increase to almost 22 trillion USD (2019). The example of Europe is not be neglected, with leading economies (Great Britain, Germany and France) in a range of 5 to 9 trillion USD and a small country of Luxembourg, whose residents are sharing a debt of around 7 million USD per head.
It is hard to neglect the historical influences and decisions. Shifts from industrial, postindustrial, consumer or throwaway societies, but the simplest approach of an ordinary cup which is being filled with attention to spill over, should be one of the main. But again, they invented imaginary cups and everything that spills over is placed there. But again, they are imaginary and what is spilt is destined to make major consequences.

Furthermore, if we examine a modern western society, we may claim that it is stripped from work and production to be taken to the third world countries and there should be an intellectual reward awarded to a person who was the first to terminate production in the western world, sack people, just to lower the production expenses in order to make more profit, and just for himself. Bravo! And please make sure to applause for everyone who followed that lead. However, the construction and real estate sector is growing everywhere, building overpriced buildings from where people will get evicted, shopping centres and places of lobbyist interests and pushing people into cities. It is strange that very soon the ratio will completely twist, while two hundred years ago we had more than three-quarters of people living in rural areas and now we are getting close to the same ratio in favour of the cities. Percentages are used to determine unemployment, but fifteen per cent of twenty million is not the same as five per cent of one hundred million. And who cares for the individual story?

To be clear, I personally encourage a free world, without segregations, social divisions, inequalities and discriminations, but Europe has also become an example of decadence which can not provide a living chance for its people, while people from other continents are coming with capital and buying everything that is of some worth. Take a walk around some of the European centres during the night and see how many people are sleeping on the streets, public transport or parks. The National Centre for Chronic Disease in America is showing that 6 in 10 people in America has a chronic disease, while 4 in 10 have two or more (, while in Europe they are calling it with epidemic proportions and that 9 out of 10 people will die of a chronic disease. Psychological imbalances, cancers “of choice”, cardiovascular conditions, addictions, pollution and global warming, you name it. However, the truth is that we are rotting away.

How did we get here? I believe many would ask themselves, I know that I do. Bad leadership, poor judgement, lack of intellect on the crucial places, history itself! There are many reasons. But while most of the people have their faces glued to various forms of screens, spending their lives on gadgets, negative media coverages, being amused by leaders and politicians whose aim was only “the chair” and the benefits of their position and lobbies they will create or fell into, without intellect, without moral and without culture, we are all doomed in this shrinking world.

Everywhere I go, I see people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and only 25 years ago I did witness people dancing on festivities, concerts and celebrations, I was a child, but I was not imagining it, as today my children have no opportunity to see people of joy. And while technology did offer worldwide connection opportunities, these connections could be used to encourage the change, create initiatives, even true political and not monetary parties. There has got to be a change and the world should unite. The general approach must be changed, the values must be turned in directions of the environment. From every point of view, even from an aeroplane, the Earth seems flat and endless, but it is not! Leaving garbage behind you while you walk, will bring you to the same place where you have dropped your first piece of garbage and how may anyone claim that they care about their or other children, human race, nature, animals, life and future when their actions are so superficial. If we are digging our graves, sooner or later there won’t be any further to dig.

Maybe I am wrong and is just another bad day, however, I have decided to write as the word or the voice is destined to be heard.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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