Life goes on! So many times I have heard this phrase and in fact, it is true. As individuals, we may have different views and life may affect us in various ways, down to the level where you may think that life itself has no special purpose precisely for you. This idea leads to another phrase “Life is what you make of it!”

What is what we make of life? It seems that so many things we are forced to experience result in experiences we are trying to neglect or avoid and the closest idea about what has been going on is that we were living on a credit, which we are struggling to pay back.

Since the year 2000 when I was 20 years old, I have experienced a loss of a best friend, who was diagnosed with a “galloping” cancer and never before I have witnessed someone and his whole being been eaten alive with such a tremendous force, dropping all of his defences and abilities to preserve and maintain his life. It was certainly something I did not want to witness again. However, in the following years, more and more people that I knew started to experience similar conditions. The last, with the greatest influence on me, was the story of my father, but this time it was different as I have been sitting next to him in the last seconds of his life, while he was still “here” and in a blink of an eye, when he was gone. The last words that he said in a delirium of agony were in English, which was strange, as it is not our mother tongue. He asked and I do not know who did he ask it: “Where will I go, what will I do?” It is difficult to explain the feeling or even the void that was present at that moment, however, something changed in me and I knew that I will never be the same again.

By the year 2018, I can, without exaggeration, claim that there were more dear people that I knew who was diagnosed with the terminal types of cancer, then the number of fingers and toes I have on my body and the saddest part of it is that I could probably claim of getting used to it. But one thing remained in a form of a question “ Why?”. I have learned that different people have different abilities to fight it and while these cells are produced within each second in our bodies, some of us have a stronger ability to control it, while the others do not and even a healthy lifestyle is not of the utmost value, because some people with a less responsible lifestyle still have a longer lifespan than some of the people which could claim of having taken all the necessary and recommended steps to avoid this outbreak.

In the previous years, I have been giving a lot of thought about life and everything which may influence this abnormal behaviour within our bodies. The only fact is, that it is happening within our bodies and while considering different triggers, they may be both physical or psychological. By the term physical, we may consider different pollutants (e.g. air, water, food, electromagnetic waves, etc.), but then, we may consider our ability to adapt and overcome and how much our psychological strength has been influenced and weakened by the common practices of our societies, but also our personal avoidances and constraints.

To get back to the credit. There are many things that we do not understand and even if we acquire some knowledge, that knowledge is the result of observation and experience and while we work around our knowledge, most of the times the core of the issue is left unknown and neglected, while our practice is to make things complicated instead of dealing issues simply and systematically. When I refer to the “credit”, it may just be that we are living above our limits and that the “credit” we took is of a much higher value we are able to pay back and now the time has come that life is claiming what we owe, while life, in the grander scheme, is finally something we can not fight against, as it is the balance of all the life on our planet.

When referring to simple and complicated, we may also consider an individual, within his reality bubble, as a conscious being who experience everything by him or herself and there is a certain footprint which is left behind, however, we can't neglect the fact that even if our experiences are individual and entrapped within our minds there is a grand bubble, a “complicated” one, which has a more significant footprint and is called the humanity. That is the one we all share and can not neglect or avoid being a part of it. Whatever we do, sitting in a temple and meditating, fighting wars overseas, raising children, consuming efficiently or exaggerating, it doesn't really matter of what significance our personal actions are if the final result is unbalanced.

There is an initiative, the Global Footprint Network where you may calculate your own credit, while their calculation on how much of the planet is needed per country and different lifestyles are presented here:

It is unsustainable!

Considering all the data I have looked into, I could not neglect the connections and I tried to look up for a simple evidence. I was thinking about diseases which are present on a world scale and as my wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, I just wondered how does in look like on a worldwide map and I managed to find it in a picture.

Next, what I thought of was a cancer map.

I found a distinctive pattern within quite a lot of conditions when it comes to immune disorders and it does not look promising. We may consider all of these areas as urban, sophisticated, civilised, however, there is something wrong about it and it may not only be our legacy. I tried to think, what else could it be a good example and NASA came to my mind. How do we look during the night?

There is quite a lot we have to consider, especially the price of progress and should we consider ourselves as exchangeable. Moreover, we have to think about the quality of life and if some newly discovered gadget is worth the pain we will be forced to witness or even go through!

There are probably a lucky few who will not have to worry about it for now. But the main question is: Is it all worth it?

This one is for all the people, known or unknown, who have suffered, are suffering or deceased by any form of these civilisational diseases and us who carry the pain from one day to another. I miss you all!

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!