Cook with me in the galley — Pasticada

I thought that I wont do any cuisine articles, however, I was inspired to write this one as once I read one description about the hostess occupation on the sailing yachts, saying that there are certain limitations when it comes to cooking i the galley. Only simple dishes can be prepared.

Pašticada certainly can not be called a simple dish, especially when prepared in a traditional way.

So let me start with the list of groceries: A nice piece of beef’s tie (frikando), prosciutto, olive oil, mustard, onions, carrots, tomatoes, dry prunes, paprika, red wine, berry jam, passata, apple, garlic, parsley, fresh rosemary, spice mix, pepper.

Preparation itself wont take more than 30 minutes… The meat must be pierced and stuffed with prosciutto.

Everything needs to be sliced and chopped evenly…

And you do not call it Pašticada if dry prunes are not in the game.

Meat needs to be roasted fast and evenly on all sides. I do it on olive oil. And when the meat gets a nice color on its skin, then the onions and rest of the vegetables are added and stewed until it gets soft.

We return the meat in the cooking pot and pour as much of the red wine to cover the meat. At this time we still keep it open, without the cover, for alcohol to vaporize. When it does, we add as much water to cover the meat, place the cover on and the dish will cook for itself, with turning the meat on the other side every half an hour.

You can clean, enjoy your moments and surroundings as for the good vibes are always important.

When I have time, and the most important, guests which have earned my gratitude it is a pleasure for me to prepare something which is better than any restaurant would serve.

From the moment when I place the cover on, I cook it for as many hours the meat would weight.

And even while sailing, the stove will find its balance.

For about half an hour before it is done, I add the jam, an apple, a bit of passata.

The meat is taken out and sliced evenly. The sauce is squashed or blended. The meat comes back in the sauce and it is kept for 24 hours to breathe and fuse. Served with gnocchi or pasta it is a Croatian specialty.

Bon appetit / Dobar tek

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