Coca-Cola Twins circumnavigating the globe (Part 1)

It has been almost a year when I come up with a plan to finally sail around the world. It was an old wish, a desire which I would do with my identical twin brother.

Coca and Cola

It has probably passed more than 10 years when I was writing to Guinness World Record customer department and offered the idea for me (Andreas) and my brother Kristjan to be the first identical twins to sail around the globe. Guinness refused, with an excuse that we will be the first and that there is no record in that.

Not to speak too much about the past, in present, I got another idea, we will be Coca-Cola, Kristjan already likes the idea of Coca, even though he does not appreciate it as I do, rarely, however, I do, so it leaves me to be Cola.

I have already filled up the online registration form with Coca-Cola, asking for merely 250,000.00 EUR, so I am still waiting for an answer and who knows, if not Coca and Cola, maybe we will be Red and Bull. For these identical twins it doesn’t make too much difference.

Well now, the idea is now out. All the texts, pictures, anecdotes will be available for free. We are planing to sail to island of Palagruza in September, so my next story will be about that. Who knows, maybe we will be the first identical twins that have sailed to Palagruza, the beautiful and the most remote peace of Croatian territory.

I do not care much, if any, about nationality and politics, however, the small country of Croatia and her people are here for great achievements.


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