‘Beautiful’ adaptation

While most creatures on this world have the instinctive ability to adapt to different circumstances, the ability of humans is both instinctive and conscious, however, there is a certain unintended flaw which could be both direct or indirect result of the complexity of a human brain.

Human beings are creatures with an outstanding ability to detect, process and manipulate information, however, many times in the process of manipulation, in this case, ‘negative’ creativity and transmission, the information may be harmful depending on the individual ability how certain information is processed, understood and finally accepted and stored.

Furthermore, the individual tendency, in most cases, is that in their own microcosmos of awareness, which is always supported by acquired and accepted knowledge, results with the subjective opinion of what is considered as true or false. However, the ability of suggestion, as a matter of nature and direction may have beautiful results, yet again, it may have catastrophic results.

One harmful example of a suggestion is an initiative to place thousands of different disease promotions on tobacco products, not only that by now the suggestion that smoking effects thousands of disorders (e.g. impotency, cancer, sight problems, cartilage and skeletal issues, impact on brain functions, vascular conditions and the whole encyclopedia of diseases), the suggestion of this warnings did not result with the decrease but increase of all of mentioned conditions worldwide, if inspected with data presented by the World Health Organisation. Common sense and modern urge for a healthy lifestyle may suggest that more people are avoiding smoking as a result of this suggestion, however, the same suggestion, if processed and accepted in the minds of users may subconsciously result with triggers that will result with a disease. The future of these individuals, because of such stands or beliefs which are presented by authoritative figures is then determined without their approval and if the practice is not terminated but continued their behaviour becomes suicidal or auto-destructive. The concept that would be the most convenient is the power of persuasion.

The human brain (i.e. mind) is in the constant communication and interaction with the body and even if the philosophical idea that separates mind from the body or energy over the matter at the same time it is that connection which makes us alive, functional and complete living organism in the first place, but if the complexity of mental processes and information which is processed is determined by a wide range of previous pieces of information which are rooted deep in the subconscious, just by being accepted from authoritative sources and not critically evaluated results with mental slavery and fatal obedience.

On the other hand, bodies have a fascinating ability to adapt unless they are in the complete blockade of the information translated to become beliefs or stands. Every information which results as a belief of inability to control physical reactions is destined to do so. In other words, it is a conscious restriction of unconscious processes, it is a malfunction.

Bodies easily adapt to external factors such as temperature or internal such as food processing and storage, it is just necessary to pay attention, to look, smell, feel and listen. For example, the reduction of carbohydrates will result in a change within the digestion processes, even if the intake is decided consciously or occurs unconsciously because of the momentary chances, the production of insulin is reduced which enables the pancreas to rest and ketones are released to produce the energy from the fat stored in reserves. This could easily be information accepted for a positive change, and, for example, weight loss, yet another information is necessary, the brain gets its food from glucose, so a certain amount has to be maintained. This kind of information is positive and may be considered as knowledge, with scientific evidence and background. However, if the evidence results with an increase of negative symptoms it would be wise to consider it as false.

Human ability to make critical choices is a gift provided by evolution, it is Life trying to figure out the next step to learn and advance, however, the higher intelligence which we still have on our disposal is still young and therefore both primitive and advanced, therefore the choice between the two is still present, as well as the change.

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