Thought, the phenomenon of evolution and mental development, which is processed in a brain and finds its way through Broca and Wernicke area, that finally ends up as a word.

However, the word may be true or false, and as history has shown, many times, what was wrong, ended as real and what was supposed to be true ended as false. Or did it?

To what degree, anyone can claim to be right? When even the names that we have are not one of our choices, but something we grew into, as we grew into this world, no matter what side of the planet we are born. Born, raised and predetermined by the world which surrounds us and the information which it carries. The information which is preserved by the weak, delusional and deceptive.

However, the truth is always present. These are the thoughts which have kept many human beings awake, with a clarity rarely found in the everyday world. In this world, a sane person is declared mental just because one refuses to follow the norms of society. It makes a perfect sense if one person points to millions or billions of people with an observation that they are all insane, yet again, who will end up labelled as crazy? An ignorant phenomenon!

There cannot be much objectivity in the lectures about religions and what might be of value about them or ridiculous. Most were created by a subjective mind to seduce, control and manipulate; however, the objective point of view is always at grasp, hidden behind many nonsenses of personal perceptions which grant supremacy to individual. False superiority reserved only for human beings.

I was personally intrigued by some notes about the behaviour of Friedrich Nietzsche, that was considered as unusual by his contemporaries. In contrast, he did not find the compassion to daily terrors of individual life while being aroused and excited for news about natural phenomenons that resulted in the extinction of thousands, i.e. eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. It would be not of a challenge to imagine and process a misfortune of one subjectively. Still, the trouble of thousands is impossible to treat in that way, as it can only be processed objectively, as observing an anthill being washed away by heavy rain and flooding. We are in many ways limited when handling any kinds of information, so we are with our sympathy.

The best way to describe it is by using a simple phrase, Zoom in, Zoom out!

Zooming in may make a person feel safe, protected by the psychological database of the familiar and known, however, zooming out will take you outside of conformity, making one lost and ignorant!

While ‘zoomed-in’ one is in a position of being observed, on the other hand, while ‘zoomed-out’ one becomes an observer.

One of the frequently asked questions is about the meaning of life. Thousands of interviews and books are directed at an individual; a single member of the ‘anthill’, with sense directed at what you have or what you are missing. The question of life is far beyond that topic, where a single organism is an as much superior as it is inferior. However, it is a part of a whole. A life which was triggered that is difficult to explain or rationalize, but it can be observed.

Now, imagine observing the Earth for billions of years and from a distance where the planet Earth is like marble, not being able to detect motion on the surface. It would be quite an annoying observation, however, at one point you notice something that started to pop out, small dots, a rocket ships carrying that life into space as a result of intelligence. That intelligence is still quite ignorant, founding its place in human beings. Still, it belongs to the phenomenon we call ‘Life’ and it has been in a real hurry to develop in a short time when compared to all millennials and lifeforms which were wiped out in many occasions. Since the moment life was planted, it had to survive, and our planet has become a challenge which life wants to overcome. In essence, life likes to preserve itself, and we must obey its wish, of us, as we are all an ignorant phenomenon.

If we can launch satellites in space, we can launch regenesis cocktails to distant planets which are showing signs favourable for life to evolve. That is our meaning in life.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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