Amor fati and Auschwitz

What meaning has imperative amor fati for Auschwitz?

This is the question that Mr. Luc Ferry asks in his excellent book “Learning to live”, which I would recommend to everyone, as it does give a brief insight to advancement or even dis-advancement of philosophy through history of philosophic thought.

Mr. Ferry continues “Maybe it is a banal argumentation, but I have never found materialist, of the old or modern, that is capable to give an answer.”

Amor fati is love for the moment, love for fate and destiny. And I can immediately understand the point of his question as would anyone else. What love can you have for the moment, when each moment if filled with torture and death?

As it may be simple, it is not easy to answer this question. The reasoning has to go through, between and around many thoughts, stances which are usually developed in life and the answer to that question is the “answer” to all questions and lies at the bottom of our conscience, in our core or lets call it our essence.

Again, for those who didn't read my previous texts, I will ask to strip your thoughts from all the learning that you have been taught in life.

Try to imagine life for a second and describe to yourself what it is.

If you have given enough thought, the simple version is separated as follows:

The day of birth, when we are brought to this world has taken so much credit and spoils us with gifts and celebration that we forget about more important day, which is the day of our creation. It is not the day when your mamma and papa had a little bang bang, it is a day when you were created in two places in your mamma and in your papa. And if you would think further, that nothing can become out of nothing, there you go my friend, you are in space again, where you belong.

2. Birth

No need to speak about that one.

3. Growth

No need to speak about that one either.

4. Death

Here we are, this is what its all about.

All of the mentioned are a part of life, yes it is true. death is not something opposite of life it is a part of it and nothing to be afraid of. I the earlier speeches I have said.

Living has nothing to do with life itself. The way we live is a matter of choice and life is not a choice. Comfort and easy living is just dying, but with dignity and understanding.

You may disagree or agree, but as I asked before, think of what is implemented in your mind and is preventing you of control over your thoughts. Information and more information.

I have to mention religions, I am sorry about that.

We had people of great enlightenment, that reasoned the simplicity of life, but what did Sapiens “the Wise” did?

Zarathustra went, come back and “Sapi” made a religion out of it.

Buda went, come back and “Sapi” made a religion out of it.

Jesus went, come back and “Sapi” made a religion out of it.

Muhammad went, come back and “Sapi” made a religion out of it.

Do I need to continue?

The truth is that all of them did realize the truth of life, which lies in balance and equality and a simple message which they all brought is:

Be worthy of life!

What did Sapi did? They all made religions, classes and separate people with differences. Sapi did that before and he is doping it now. Some of us just can’t stand being the same as anybody else and that is exactly what we all are, not just between Homo Sapiens specie, we are the same with all the life. We carry elements from one place to another. We are the beings of heaven (space), but are just grounded on this planet. We are life and everything around us is life.

Religions will mention demons, deavas or simply the wicked man. It is the fact that they exist, but they exist because of the people that consider them self the opposite. Hatred is also a cycle and the world was, has been and is consumed with it.

You do not fight hatred with hatred, because what is left afterwards?

Simple fact, what has become of USA and USSR (Russia) after they have defeated the Nazis. The same thing! What were European Sapis before Nazis (just remember colonization). What happened in the ancient times? (remember Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome, Carthage, etc.) The same thing.

Gaius Julius Caesar said that he prefers honor better then the fear of dead, but where was the honor in killing. It was not the honor, it was lust. But for people that we call great today, we have difficulties accepting their simple mindedness.

The wicked man or Deavas? Gilgamesh, Sargon, Darius 1, Menestheus, Leonidas, Xerxes, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, and all the way to Hitler, Stalin, Tito, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Castro and all present politicians and whomever gains profit or benefits of placing arms and weapons in the arms of children and young man. And while they kill each other with weapons of fury, the higher class, or the elite have their banquets, where weapon producers, planet exploiters and world leaders lough and live in the world of greatest pretense and hypocrisy. There you will find your demons!

Now, let us get back to the original question.

What is that you own in your life? You will separate from everything, so you can own nothing! You do not even own your body, as it will desert you one day.

So, Amor fati and Auschwitz, Dachau, Libya, Syria, ghettos of New York, world prisons, Africa, South America……

Gates of hell

What was the option? To turn around and fight? Wouldn't it make them the same as the Nazis? To run away and live in fear? What can you preserve in the world which has become the worst place in the known Universe? You can preserve life and let go! Can’t you?

It makes you think doesn’t it?

And Amor fati today, when they say that hope is the bitch? When 30 years ago we were happy to get a piece of meat on the table and today we are unhappy when your options are limitless. When known man would give all to be nobody again and unknown would give his life to be something. When man and women want complete opposite of what they “have”, if virgin, you want a whore and if whore you want a virgin. When modern man is killing the planet, but in fact he is killing himself and other beautiful creations of life. When 1 out of 5 will suffer from depression and anxiety, 1 out of 5 will have a mental burn out, when cancer is in extreme growth each year, allergies are everywhere.

We can try and try, but actually we are the one getting rid of!

Here is your Amor fati, you can have it if you want it. I will hope for a better world, as naive as I can, as a fisherman hopes for a bite. But I can not love nor except the fate where we willingly bring ourselves to end. And with thousands and thousands of year of evolution we did not learn anything.

And as always, our fates and destinies are tailored by the bunch of grim and angry old farts. The deavas, the wicked!

Hypocrisy behind modern strive for equality is embarrassing. We are all, but not equal and equal is all that we really are!

Sapi (I really started to like this Sapi thing) is hoping to find life in space, but I ask for what, to find something to be different from again? While the truth is we wouldn't be different from them either, just a different address.

All our greatness of mind and thought was tempered in the past and as we surround our self with geographical borders, we have placed immediate mental ones as well!

You may ask yourself what to do? I can tell you what I did. I stooped smoking, drinking, worrying, using elevators and started to speak with beggars and homeless, notice people in agony, recycle, run, draw and paint, read and learn and many, many other things. And I love the past, as I can learn from it, I love now, as now is where I am, and I love the future, as a mystery of what it will bring, something of life however you take it :)

Help each other and have no fears, everything will work out fine.

Thank you!

I do invite you to read my other articles if you liked this one. I am always open for conversation and contact, but please note that I do not spend too much time with computer, except when writing.

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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