America, America, America, everyone with a grudge has something against America and so much that the name America is so worn out as it would be old Levi’s jeans and yet, everyone is running to America to start their life of disappointment there. Why? Because it was better where they come from? I have never been to America and actually I have no intention to go there, but I do get a strange feeling when people start writing about seemed facts or different aspects of life and then find the urge to blame it on the imaginary land, circled by imaginary lines where armed people are standing to “protect” it. It is not only America, but it is also every other country.

The more important issue is with death. If the moment has come, why struggle with unavoidable. Would it be decent to leave a person die, without being electrocuted, cut open, abused? And who and what is anyone trying to save? I doubt that it is a dying or a dead man they are saving.

Living your life is the only way to live and to face death as a natural phenomenon, as the part of the same, as a part of life.

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