Abusing the social media

By Social Songbird

I have decided to write this article as I find it both worrying, but still somewhat amusing about reactions you may find on internet and on social media.

I have spent almost a year without using any of it, just to reset myself and work on a decency, positivism which is available outside of the electrical domain.

I made a little test on the two groups which I am following and the outcome was quite amazing, which I will mention a little bit later, but first I want to trigger a bit more of that negativity which people are automatically feeling when someone is criticizing their way of expression,so I can bet there will be a lot of “Oh, you are full of shit!” thoughts going on.

Firs of all, which can also lead to last is already mentioned decency and manners. It has become so hard for people to act nice, as the life styles have changed and the freedom of speech has evolved, it evolved to the level, where in the electrical world everyone just want’s to release their negativity. This negativity is released through writing of bad words, in the small sanctuaries of our courage that we call our own homes and when in real life very few will show it, on the plastic keyboards everyone becomes D’Artagnan, Terminator, Roocky or whoever.

The true fact is that you don’t, but you do become what you write.

Decent speech and writing have become old fashioned and “free” styles of expression are becoming more and more popular. With “fuck this”, “fuck that”, “what the fuck?”, “fuck yeah” doesn’t make you free or eloquent it makes you vulgar. Back home we would say “You swear like a coachman!”.

With addressing someone in a bad manner,it is not that you might be hurting someone’s feelings or making them angry, but it tells a lot about you. What kind of sorry, misfortune and unhappy individual you are, without capability of having a decent conversation with well placed critiques, instead you are just angry.

People have become week!

It will be hard for sensitive people to realize that and leave your hatred for you to have it, instead they will receive that hate and spread it further,as hate has that kind of effect, it is a poison for the week minded.

My advice is do not play with someone else’s feelings and thoughts!. I wont mention names as I rarely do so, as most of my thoughts are mine and not something repeated from the other, but still many scientists wont and many will agree that there is a lot of unexplored space and effects which can be linked to the power of thought. It is a part of quantum physics.

So use your mind carefully, the best would be to search for the reasons which have made you, what a popular term is, a hater!

I have joined a couple of groups as I have become very interested about what people think about life, religion, philosophy and many questions which may arise from it. I wont be mentioning them as I am not sure if I am doing any favor by mentioning them in this article. One group was about life and the other about writing.

The simple experiment was to trigger people as follows:

Those who are willing,please write the first feeling, emotion, stand or fact that comes to your mind and equal it with the counter-wise notion. I will start with
Believer = Infidel
(in the religious group), Pleasure = Pain (in the writer’s group)

To analyse what is written above, you can easily notice “those who are willing” part, “please” as a second part, and you have my contribution at the end of each, with the aim to participate, instead of ask or demand.

The first reply in the life, religion, philosophy group made me lough, it was:

Andreas Vilic = Inteligent, while already second, which was posted by the group administrator was Indifferent : Interested

While for the Writer’s group, the replies were:

Bored-Bored. When can we have some more challenging questions. Since we are not 10 year olds.


Dude, exactly how old do you think we are?


My intention with the task wasn’t to insult anyone, but the reactions and how people tend to insult themselves leave me wondering, but again I was accused of general disrespect and the main idea was to trigger thinking.

Most of the people missed the equality part and did put : or - , instead of =.

The intention of equality was to trigger the first idea to see what you are in the moment and what you can become, while still being everything that you are. It is all about choices!

I have placed believer = infidel, as I am both. I have placed pain and pleasure, because if you can feel pain, you can feel pleasure. We have example of grace and sorrow, which are again both the same. It was a trigger not an insult!

The day before in the Writer’s group, there was a post asking people to name a horror movie in 4 words, hundred of people replied and nobody commented how childish it was, but still my kind request did came up as an insult.

It makes me wonder!

When insulting and using abusive words, the most abusive you are to yourself. You have in everyday life a picture of twisted and crippled man and women, whose thoughts and anger have crippled them and you have a proud standing decent and healthy people.

Which kind do you want to be? It is all in your thoughts!

A big thank you to everyone that have participated.

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