About three years ago, I was returning from school in Luxembourg, where I dropped my two daughters, and while waiting for the green light, I had this tune on Classic 21 radio station that I have never previously heard before.

My thoughts were…. Did Robert Plant record a new song, or is there a possibility that I haven’t heard this song from the Led Zeppelin discography? However, I was sure that the latter is surely not the case.

As soon as I got home, I started searching and discovered Greta. The thrill that I felt after listening to their first…

It was several days since I have returned from Luxembourg to Zagreb. It was a premature return since my grandmother had passed away, and the celebration of death and life was in progress in the best way we Croatians know, drinking heavily.

The plan that I had with my brother was to do the first alpine climb on the highest peak in ex Yugoslavia, that is, Triglav. However, our joint plan did not work as my brother noticed that on the third day, I had a hangover and apparently that I am no fun when I am in such a…

08. April 2020 — ‘Guilt’ — If you don’t blame yourself for being a human being, most surely you will be condemned by others

08. April 2020 — ‘Politics’ — One can celebrate the sun, the sea, the wind and instantly could curse them all; however, politicians can not be celebrated, nor cursed, because cursed they already are

10. April 2020 — ‘Reality’ — Reality is what it is, while illusions are a form of understanding reality

15. April 2020 — ‘Lost in patterns’ — The world is as it is. The only way of freedom is to avoid following…

It has all started in August 2018, as I have been sitting with my fellow skippers at my friend’s place, Roki’s in Plisko Polje on the island of Vis (Issa), and discussing why there is no website for clients to find the preferable skipper. As we were seated, I was thinking aloud about the name ‘bookaskipper’, ‘skipperbooking’, and it just popped out ‘SKIPPERBOOK’, and the brand was born.

A couple of weeks passed by, the season was over, and the project was born. Until the beginning of November 2018, the business plan was created, the website in the development process…

by WHO

For the overview of coronavirus, there is plenty of information provided by the WHO (https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1)

Almost every media is continuously asking questions and demanding an answer to when it will end, when will the restrictions be removed, and when will it be possible to return to a ‘normal’ way of living.

These kind of questions are placing unnecessary pressure on institutions and the general population as the period is uncertain, and no easy fix is in sight. The question of withdrawing, of what seem to be repressive measures, draws an issue if it was necessary to implement these measures in…

Now and then I get an urge to find out about the news and what is happening in the world, but it reminds me quickly that newspapers and news portals are not the best places to seek out favourable information.

It is as if nothing is good in this world anymore or at least not worth promoting. Driven by such continuous and negative information served by the media, I asked myself what do they all have in common? First of all, we have media, then what the media present to the public. Politics, corruption, all sorts of crime, economic relations…


What makes life? The core process of life is an exchange, which is the basic principle of evolution. Yet again, while it may be suitable for natural processes on our planet, the human world made it self-convenient while claiming overall superiority. As a result, we reason a life of beginning and ending instead of seeing it as an ongoing process that involves more than our benefit.

The story of beginning and ending is a consequence of time which is a product of intelligence, as far as known only measurable by human species. However, time did not make us any favours…

‘Welcome to this world… You are beautiful’. These could have been the words that my mother said when I was born. The miracle of life is the most special at that moment when life from the unknown, from the womb, surface into the developing conscious life of unpredictable.

When I look back, I see the life of obeying, blending in, of following the customs and rules. However, there are so many flaws that I was able to recognise when I was younger, as I am today. One significant recognition was that our social worlds do not offer equality; they only…

From American Lung Association

As far as we know the tradition of smoking tobacco dates from around 8000 years ago and it has never been so seriously criticized as it has been in the previous few decades.

I remember, when I was a child, a friend of my father who was told that smoking is the habit of “poor, stupid and black” and he commented that he is neither poor or black and briefly stated, “I must be stupid then!”

Thought, the phenomenon of evolution and mental development, which is processed in a brain and finds its way through Broca and Wernicke area, that finally ends up as a word.

However, the word may be true or false, and as history has shown, many times, what was wrong, ended as real and what was supposed to be true ended as false. Or did it?

To what degree, anyone can claim to be right? When even the names that we have are not one of our choices, but something we grew into, as we grew into this world, no matter what…

Andreas Vilic

Human, father, brother, husband, son, friend, skipper, entrepreneur, life long learner. That's me!

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